A turning point, appears unsuspectingly, in the middle of life’s journeys; a lesson maybe a simple sign of acknowledgement, we touch someone or have been touched, the unfolding of this shared experience.
Something clicks, inside us, inside the other, letting us know we are contributing, and connected, adding meaning and telling us that our lives really matter.
Feeding more than our brain and ego, feeding our heart and soul.
A subtle yet strong energy stirs us, a sense of wellbeing, nourishing and energizing our spirit, our self-esteem. Shared, reciprocation doubles the experience; the beauty of synergy unfolds.
Sensations and feelings combine forming a magical synchonicity, we go with the flow, instead of paddling upstream.
This stream, this gentle moving force – reveals our spiritual connections….and we allow ourselves to
….Trust ourselves and trust the process…

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