Introducing - The All Things Poetic, Artistic & Philosophical Group.

Hello and welcome to all Red Bubblers in this group!

I am really excited about reading, exploring and debating artistic pieces of work that are so typical of so many talented writers on RB.

A few house rules:

(1) Let’s try to keep it to 1-2 downloads per person on a daily basis to allow the work to be viewed and not flood the group page please.
(2) Have fun and be as creative as you like
(3) When commenting or feeding back remember to be sensitive – artists are sensitive people!
(4) Any queries about the group – send me a Bubblemail and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.
(5) Any ideas or suggestions – I’m all ears

Most of all enjoy!

Here’s to an unfolding magical journey of creativity and the inspiration that comes with being part of such a wonderful group of people!


Journal Comments

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  • transmute
  • Deon de Waal
  • Susan Grissom
  • snowbird
  • Robert Knapman
  • davedel15
  • johnr0x17
  • BlackLemonz
  • Nancy Ames