Little Angel

Today, I came home from work, looked at the usual assortment of letters and other mail behind the door, then spotted a little square envelope with familiar handwriting.
I quickly gathered the shopping bags, closed the door and bundled up the mail. When I got to the kitchen and set everything down, I couldnt tear the envelope open.

The envelope said it had been to another address mistakenly first, so this precious little package had travelled around the houses for a while! Carefully using a pair of scissors, I cut through the sealed envelope which was glued tight.

When I opened the envelope, tears sprung to my eyes and I got the most beautiful surprise when I saw a card with a photograph on it of…

*The most beautiful little Angel. A little baby girl named Carla!

I hope the world will be a beautiful place for you my darling niece!*

Receiving this today has warmed my heart and brought me so much joy!

From across the miles, your Auntie Suzanne loves you very very much baby Carla!
and big hugs to your mummy, daddy and big brother xxx

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