Charlie No 2. /Dusk and Dust.

Sometimes endings take longer than it does to close the book.

They can linger and waft about the room, not all things sweet can morph to rot in a blink of an eye.

Cosmo says it takes 1/2 as long as the relationship as it does to get over some one. I pick up trivia like that. I don’t even read cosmo. I do read Frankie. Their cute sarcastic “20 things…” lists have much better advice, in my opinion.

Some bands should only ever make one album, though if done so, it should be much longer than 12 tracks. The Whitlams. Eternal Night Cap. They didn’t need to make any other album, but they needed that one to last from friday’s jubilation, accross Saturday’s tangle, and stretch out accross sunday’s lazy resolve….ok, and then maybe one last 1 minute instrumental, for monday morning’s up and at ’em.

The only thing more dangerously narcisitic than naval gazing, is holding girl’s hands.

The overlocker never stops dying on me. This evening it’s the needle arm, dropped limply in to the guts under the needle plate of the thing, somehow no longer connected to anything inside the upper lit caves, which has led to my current procrastination….or might we call it my spelling massacre?


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