Let me introduce myself.

Alright, I’ve jumped aboard another new craze, Red Bubble. I still have little to no idea about what the site actually does, just sells photos I’m guessing.

Well since this is my first and properly only post I better give you some information about me. I’m Kyle, I live in Melbourne, Australia. Mordialloc to be precise – which is beach side suburb around 25 minutes away from central Melbourne. I’m not a photographer, just enjoy it. I love the Melbourne street art scene, and anything about Melbourne really – its a great place.

My current camera is a Fuji S5700 P&S Dig, saving up for a Pentax K100 DSLR or some better Canon one, can’t exactly remember what its called.

I apologize if my photos aren’t up to your standard, remember I’ve only been shooting for a few months.

You might want to check out my other sites …..

My Space

Well that will do it for now …. Kyle out.

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