Death in the Family

The family is heartbroken today as we suddenly lost 2 dear family members in a tragic car accident. Not only did Mariaan loose her only son, Riekert Krog Maritz, but we as a family also lost our youngest sister, Tina Riekert, in the same accident yesterday.…

We are morning their loss but still feel it is unreal. It was too soon and too sudden.
Mariaan is taking it very hard as Riekert was her all. She is a single mom and she lived only for him. Riekert was 15 years old and would have turned 16 on the the 1st of December this year.

Tina, our sister was 47 years old, Tina was always a very careful driver and the tragic head on collision was caused by another pick-up truck whose driver fell asleep at the wheel. The accident was broad-casted on national TV news as one of the biggest accidents

Disillusioned a bit

Today my heart missed a beat, just a little, to make me realize that the path I followed for 3,5 years was the wrong path for me to make it in the Artists world.…

Why do I say that?

I started out here at the Bubble in June 2008, I had high hopes to sell my artwork, get noticed, maybe even well-known ;-), and everything looked above board to make my mark and my millions. Not so

I am a teacher without a job. A good one at that too! But, I had to compete with BBE and Affirmative action issues, equality and racial quota’s at the work arena and the fact that I am a white South African, does make the process even more challenging. I am still with out a job, even if I send my CV out each and every month to all and any schools out there! THAT is why I decided to make my art a business to help sha

26 years of marriage

Today is our 26th anniversary.

My hubby took me out for a nice breakfast and conveniently it is opposite the florist. Apparently he ordered my bouquet yesterday. He organized for me to get it after my breakfast. How romantic! he thought of everything!

26 Red Roses in a special vase. Also in the vase are lots of tiny little white flowers complementing the rich red roses and dark green leafy things. A special card was hidden inside the bunch of roses.

He also got me a nice Garmin to curb my “getting lost” episodes – so now I will arrive safe and sound at my destination ;-)

He knows me too well ;-)

I am blessed


Group Host Request

#Host needed to help out with our group ♫.•°°African Art At heART°°•.♫#

Duties include:

  1. featuring artworks
  2. maintaining gallery
  3. commenting on artwork submitted

Additional duties include:

  1. holding group challenges
  2. Welcoming New Members
  3. Introduce forum activities and commenting
  4. Monitoring submission criteria

If you have the time and see yourself open to commit one or 2 days a week, and are willing to further this group with your input and enthusiasm, then add your name or send Susan or Mariaan a Bubblemail – or just jot your name down in the comment box. We will get in touch with you

Help needed please

Can anyone tell me if there is a way to ensure that if you upload a picture, that it will fit exactly into a card so that the system that Redbubble use do not cut it off somewhere?

Is there a template, or a size that we can manipulate our images to fit neatly and nicely into these parameters?

I would appreciate it so much if any can shed some light on this.

Thanking you in advance


this one is cut off:

even though a little bit, but some are left with empty spaces on the sides that I do not want

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Cherie Dirksen

It was my pleasure to interview Cherie to get to know her better as an artist and fellow bubbler! She took me from flowers to mountain tops, to the deep blue sea and then again to the jungle!…

Please so run over and have a look at her profile and enjoy her art with me

I see that flowers and sunsets/sunrises are predominantly featuring in your artwork. What is the special link that made you fall in love with these subjects?

I am in love with nature really. Flowers and sunsets/sunrises just appeal to me a little stronger because they are so awesome in colour and, with flowers, detail and intricacy. Sunsets and Sunrises are always different and can take your breath away – what better subject for a painting!

The sea is such a strong subject matter in your artwork. Is it because you live in

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you VIV KING

It was my pleasure to interview Viv to find out more behind the stunning artwork we see in her profile. With this interview she takes us back on a journey picking up skulls to draw and then later paint. She also takes us into her art class where she could put the emotions and inner struggle of a model posing in the class, on canvas. She has the ability to let you in emotionally and spiritually while you browse through her artwork.…

In Treegod and Women is like a rock I can see that your painting leads one to see something else in it. Is your artwork a spiritual experience to you as it can be for some people looking at it, and do you sometimes plan for this to happen?
Tell us more about your exploring the possibilities once you see the added bonus of an image emerging out of your image


Who is the most helpful person on RedBubble?

On September 26, 2008, Redbubble launched a sort of competition on who the most helpful redbubbler was.

I am sure I missed out somewhere as I do not see where I can locate the announcement of a winner?
Does anybody know more than me? I am sure I skipped over this one. Please let me know if you guys know who won this prestige award?

Have a stunning weekend (what is left of it) and see you again next week!


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