Oakland, United States

Welcome to my visual laboratory, where I mix up flora and fauna, sweet and scary and humans and animals.

Dragon, Flower Breathing Sticker $3.12
Elephant and Butterfly Sticker $3.12
The Ancient Mariner Sticker $3.12
Bad Explanation Art Dog Sticker $3.12
Excalibur and the Lady of the Puddle Sticker $3.12
Earth Alien Watermelon Radish Sticker $3.12
The Ancient Skater, Forever Skate ukiyo e style Sticker $3.12
Opposites Attract Cat and Dog Sticker $3.12
Coffee, Please Sticker $3.12
Folk Art Spirit Bear with Fish Sticker $3.12
Herding Cats Sticker $3.12
Running Dog Sticker $3.12
Cosmic Epiphany Heart Sticker $3.12
This Island Earth Sticker $3.12
From the Wild Wood Sticker $3.12
Superhero  Sheep Sticker $3.12
Winston Sticker $3.12
Pie for Breakfast Sticker $3.12
Moonlight Mermaid Sticker $3.12
Heart of a Lion Sticker $3.12
Underground Man Escapes Sticker $3.12
Rabbit Sings the Blues Sticker $3.12
small potatoes Sticker $3.12
Schroedinger's hairball Sticker $3.12
Charlotte Sticker $3.12
Octopus with a Mustache Sticker $3.12
Birdsong Sticker $3.12
Big Dog in Charge Sticker $3.12
Flower Devi Green Goddess Sticker $3.12
Prickly Porcupine Sticker $3.12
Mr. Cthulhu's Holiday Sticker $3.12
Alice vs. The Mad Hatter Sticker $3.12
Summer cat Sticker $3.12
Tiger Buttons Sticker $3.12
Sartre  Sticker $3.12
Passing Sticker $3.12
Bat in the Window Sticker $3.12
Fox dance  Sticker $3.12
Prufrock Sticker $3.12
White Rabbit Surfing Sticker $3.12
Mr. Punch and the Dark Star Sticker $3.12
Alice vs. The Red Queen Sticker $3.12
Anubis Fanboy on a Skateboard Sticker $3.12
Cactus Hat Hipster Street Wear Sticker $3.12
Saint Bunny has your back Sticker $3.12
Glass Half Full Event Horizon Sticker $3.12
Blue Peony Sticker $3.12
Masks Sticker $3.12
Off Leash Sticker $3.12
Bad Cat Sticker $3.12
Paisley Lion Sticker $3.12
Night Owl Sticker $3.12
Guardian of Dreams Sticker $3.12
Hanuman's Leap Sticker $3.12
Tesla and the Pigeon Sticker $3.12
Sea Urchin Beach Boy Sticker $3.12
Tragedy and Comedy Sock Monkeys Sticker $3.12
The Demon Storyteller Sticker $3.12
Art – It's Messy Sticker $3.12
Ominous Crow Sticker $3.12
Bird Rescue Boat Sticker $3.12
Cosmic Fish with Gingerbread Astronaut Sticker $3.12
Boxer Dog Bonzo Bones Sticker $3.12
Wedding with Pollen Sticker $3.12
An Evening Stroll Sticker $3.12
Popinjay Sticker $3.12
Night Garden Sticker $3.12
Shakespeare Murder Mystery Punctuation Puncture Sticker $3.12
Deluxe Dog Sticker $3.12
Pet Lion Sticker $3.12
Paisley Owl Sticker $3.12
Hamlet's Weather Report Sticker $3.12
Socratic Method, Internet Style Sticker $3.12
The Birth of Kublai Khan Sticker $3.12
Cyclops Louise Brooks as Egyptian Valkyrie with All-Seeing Eye Sticker $3.12
Travel Dog Let's Go Places Sticker $3.12
Question Boy Sticker $3.12
Curious Fish with Water Lily Sticker $3.12
Coyote the Trickster in red, black and white Sticker $3.12
Floating Tower Island Begin Again Sticker $3.12
Squirrel Cactus  Sticker $3.12
Thinker fly, I buzz therefore I am Sticker $3.12
Paisley Mustache Sticker $3.12
Ganesh on Lotus with Mouse Sticker $3.12
Skeptical Unicorn  Sticker $3.12
Rabbit vs. Magician Sticker $3.12
Bird nest head Sticker $3.12
Folklore Firebird Sticker $3.12
Sea Ballet in Psychedelic Colors, more apologies to Ernst Haeckel Sticker $3.12
Theseus, the Minotaur, and the Thread Maze Sticker $3.12
Northern Lights Dragon Sticker $3.12
Alice In Wonderland/The Pack of Cards Sticker $3.12
Invisible Fox Sticker $3.12
Sea Buffalo Dreaming Green Heart  Sticker $3.12
Who's YOUR Grandma? Sticker $3.12
Asparagus Lion, King of the Vegetables Sticker $3.12
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