Susan Isabella Sheehan

SANTA CLARA, United States

I am a self-taught and universally inspired artist. My writings, art, and photography reflect life and love, even the disappointments and...

Nature's Beauty

Today is my fifty-fourth birthday. I do not mention that to receive well wishes. I mention that to talk about how life happens.

My morning at work was extremely stressful. There were issues which needed to be resolved, which I did, hopefully to everyone’s satisfaction. I wondered at life, and how the day can bring surprises, some of them very negative. Whilst walking home, which I do to maintain a healthy body, I noticed a rose in my garden which had just opened up. It is the first rose of the season.

Needless to say, my spirits were immediately uplifted, and I was reminded of the beauty the surrounds me always, no matter how others might feel. Knowing this, I can reflect that same timeless beauty to those around me.

Image and text created by Susan Isabella Sheehan
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