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Nice To Hear From You :-)

Coming in contact with someone you havn’t heard from in years can conjure up all kinds of memories and thoughts.

Recently, I received a comment on one of my pieces, part of which follows:

“What a shame for your children and your grandchildren. May God have mercy on your soul Susan. Pray for salvation, it’s not too late. By the way, regarding the pictures of Stephanie..she looks the same only thin. She looks very lovely.”

Now, I didn’t take offense at this persons words, but because some of the comment contained personal and intimate information, I became interested in who this might be.

I sent a Bubble Mail to this person, asking what part of the comment meant. I have not received an answer yet, which in itself is not entirely surprising. I looked at the persons avatar, studying it for an sign of familiarity in it. Accompanied by the fact that the name ‘Rae’ is used in the screen name, which is the middle name of one of my former sister-in-laws, and Voila! I knew who it was.

So, hello Monica, nice to hear from you…… ~S

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