Susan Isabella Sheehan

SANTA CLARA, United States

I am a self-taught and universally inspired artist. My writings, art, and photography reflect life and love, even the disappointments and...

There Is No Heaven Children

There is no heaven children
I will learn all there’s to know.
There is no ‘out there’ children
I am called to inner glow.

There is no comfort children,
We will seep into the tide.
There is no place for selfish,
We all have time to bide.

There is no heaven children,
Now go there, play, have fun.
I’ll meet you, oh my children,
In the shade of newborn Sun.

We’ll get there, Oh my children
If we seek the Wisdom Speak.
It’ll be like ‘heaven’, children,
In the place of Ever Peace.

There is no heaven children,
Make sure you mark your day.
There is no heaven children,
I will find a bright new way.

Come see me, oh my children
In the place of Never Be.
It is the land of Ever,
Where you will always see.

There is no heaven children
Oh, see now, there’s no crown,
Now, look at this and feel how,
The other has been found.

Go now, go now, my children,
To those who have a soul.
Please find the minds that know this,
And now become the flow.

There is no heaven children
No hell, no place of that.
You are now free, my children.
Walk clean upon your path.

Text created by Susan Isabella Sheehan
“Art Is The Perception Of An Altered Reality©”
Copyright 2008 Surreal Digital Artist™

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