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I am a self-taught and universally inspired artist. My writings, art, and photography reflect life and love, even the disappointments and...

Ego And The Art Society

In the foam of consciousness, there exists a place called life. In this life there are found many different areas where consciousness can play, moistening moments in time. One of the playgrounds is in artistic expression. In the foaminess of this playground we rejoice, flipping and flapping, this way and that, happy as barn swallows on a dewy morning in the Spring, creating together with wild abandon and joyful singing. Egos slowly move upon the crests of the foam, softly bumping into each other, ever so slightly, like the faintest brush on the cheek from the downy feather of an angel.

Occasionally, and not without notice, stranglings pay a visit, and with them an ego that refuses to get along with the others, insistent upon being noticed, abrasive and cruel, scrubbing against the rest like a an old and smelly steel wool pad, causing wounds and broken hearts. Oh, at first this one seems innocent and sweet enough, not quite as abrasive as it is at the very end, but beware, this ego is not here to dance in the joyfulness of together, but rather awaits the moment when it can devour the shreds of flesh that come away from the wounds, not allowing healing to occur, ever present with the gnashing teeth of a demon.

How can we, the joyful ones, protect ourselves from the harm these types of ego present? Being aware is useful, and paying exquisite attention to the pandering that comes with the slithering and skulking types. Taking the advice of others is also useful, although often times the advice comes a bit too late. Continue to play in the foaminess and wonder of the art world, enjoy yourself, immerse yourself in your creativity, and share with your fellow egos. But always beware and be aware of the ego that strikes with the intent and consciousness of a rabid and ravenous animal. They will always be amongst us.

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