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An Interesting Fictional Mis-Interpretation of Magick

When a person is either uninitiated or under-educated, they apparently feel free to interpret methods or movements within particular aspects of life. Take Magick for instance. There are many ways to look at the construct, and if one is initiated in the path, then one can speak of the qualities of ritual in daily life. And definitely, never is Magick confused with ‘magic’, which is something ‘magicians’ use.

I recently happened upon a publication by a woman who writes fictional accounts/stories using Magick to weave her stories together. She has done a bit of research into the world of the occult, but misinterprets the reality of Magick. She even misspells the word, using ‘magic’ instead. She writes about the premise for a story, the hero. This hero happens to be able to ‘do magic’. She feels that she is able to write ‘anything’ she wants into the story line, suggesting that adding ‘layers of depth’ and interest to the work using ‘magic’ is essential to the popularity of the story. The author talks about use, casting ‘magic’, and what the results of the use might be.

This woman has done a bit of research into the history of what she calls ‘magic’, but without any hands on experience, it is doubtful that she really knows what she is talking about. She states that certain people can manipulate reality at their will. If she were truly educated, she would know that ‘people’ cannot manipulate reality, that the ‘control’ they claim they have over energy is not feasible, that those who have attempted this control have been subsumed by their own ego.

She does make a valid point, however, when she states that those with unique and powerful ‘magic’ will be considered a threat by the ‘group’ and be hunted down. Sort of like the Witch Hunts of yesteryear. This is something I have most recently experienced when I had a posting removed from a group where the moderator felt that I was using the groups energy to promote my ritual. LOL, as if I would ever require the energy from others to perform what I do. It is interesting to note that in societies where true Magick is openly accepted, the Adepts usually hold key positions and are held in high esteem.

I respect this persons attempts to define/describe what Magick is, but it is difficult to applaud her, when in her definitions of words since she writes that the title, Shaman, is from the Sanskrit and was derived from ‘ascetic’. We of the path know that Shaman is a very Ancient word, one which in the first place referred to the orthodox healers of the Mongol areas of Northern Asia and Mongolia. The literal meaning is ‘he or she who knows’.

If you can’t get all of it right, don’t do it at all.

This image is in the public domain, and is not one of my original works. It is reported to be the work of Solomon, King of Israel.

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