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They Have Sold Their Souls For Filthy Lucre

They move amongst us. To liken them to wild creatures would be disgraceful, for creatures are in and of themselves pure. They are the epitome of vileness, heaping unto themselves the sweat and blood of innocent people, raping these trusting souls of their lands and oceans, robbing them of their true cultures and honorable histories, displacing millions of lives as they recklessly rove the entire globe seeking that which they might devour in their gluttonous search for acquiring shameful gain.

Ravenous, unquenchable, despicable, they tear into the earth and the waters, filling the skies and oceans with the excrement of their greed and lust for more, always more. Most beings who walk this earth are unaware and unconcerned with the actions of the vile ones, and droves have in fact been convinced that the rape/infrastructure/modernization is necessary for continuation of life. Don’t get me wrong, there are some folk who have twinges of guilt over their lack of protest against these atrocities. But, they either are too lazy, too complacent, or too busy with survival to do anything about the mounting destruction.

The Hill of Tara Complex is one such place that could potentially be swallowed in an attempt by some in the Government who, as quickly as possible, would tear through the Sacred landscape, and tar over Ancient burial sites and villages. As surely as the sun will rise tomorrow, these men and women who have been convinced by corporations from other countries that they must be on the same plane as the rest of the ‘civilized’ world, will rue the day they allowed themselves to fall into this collective basket of ruination. That which is rising up from the land will surely not be what was anticipated by these unenlightened. The blessed bones of our Ancestors that have been disturbed from centuries of rest have cried out in horror and disbelief. The Spirit of the Island will begin to exact a heavy penalty from those responsible for these criminal and deplorable acts. Howley Engineering, late of County Cork, is a prime example of the beginning of payment long overdue.

In the Rossport region of County Mayo, the citizenry are experiencing a very similar issue. The Royal Dutch Shell, PLC, more commonly known as Shell, has been, since 2002, working very diligently to construct a high-pressure raw gas pipeline from their offshore production facility, located several miles from the coastline, with plans to further build through privately held land to an on land refinery. Many of the local folk, (as much as 45% at the latest poll in January 2008) opposed this construction, and as a result, had their lands confiscated by the Shell company using the Compulsory Acquisition Order which was conveniently passed not long before.

It is a well known fact that in 1992, then Minister for Finance (and former Taoiseach) Bertie Ahern, reduced the tax rate for exploration companies to what was the lowest in the world. He opened the way for oil and gas companies to come to Ireland freely, welcoming them to foul the waters and lay waste to sea life. To quote one of the directors of StatOil at that time, “No country in the world gives as favourable terms to oil and gas companies as Ireland.” It is certain that many pockets were filled deeply.

Royal Dutch Shell is a mega-monster. It is listed as the eighth largest company in the world. Primarily concerned with all aspects in the production of petroleum products, the company has some amount of interest in petrochemicals and renewable energy as well. A merging of Shell of Great Britain with the Royal Dutch Petroleum Company created this seemingly unstoppable entity.

But stop it must. The people who care will be heard above its voracious chomping. The land and the waters must, and will, be reclaimed, renewed, and returned to the rightful owners. Integrity, honor, and justice will prevail.

Rossport, the Tara Complex, amongst so many other areas, have been sullied and torn, but the soul of the island will soon be restored.

Ireland will be whole once again.

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