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I am a self-taught and universally inspired artist. My writings, art, and photography reflect life and love, even the disappointments and...

Our Birthright?

I read with great interest today, 06/04/2008, about the ‘Mixed Signals Toward Recovery’. All of the signs point toward 2010 for a bottoming out of the housing market.

In the same article in the Business Section I saw that Toll Homes called on Congress to give ‘would-be’ home buyers a tax incentive to purchase new homes, stating that it should be a higher priority to the ‘citizens/homeowners’ with problem mortgages who were standing a great chance of losing their homes.

Losing their homes!!!!!

The American Dream? What is happening? These builders, who I do empathize with, are frantic.

They have a surplus of homes to sell. Dear God, is there no way out of this?

If I could tell you stories, I would. I know, personally, of so many.

Come on, we have to get this right.

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