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I am a self-taught and universally inspired artist. My writings, art, and photography reflect life and love, even the disappointments and...

Dreamtime Shadows

Dreaming, I found myself working hard to put portfolios together for several artists and writers for an exhibition. There were several people who I did not know helping with this. We were in a gallery that was very much like a mall, with long corridors and many rooms, some lit up, others quite dim.

As we wrapped up the work, I thanked everyone who had put their hands to the task to help. I patted one fellow on the shoulder. He hadn’t helped a whole lot, but I wanted him to know that I appreciated it. He was very heavy set, with black, greasy hair.

I walked down one of the corridors to center myself. The exhibition would be soon. This certain corridor was not very well lit. I felt a hand on my back, and turned to face heavy set man. He knocked me to the ground, and ripping my clothes away, raped me. His flesh smelled of death, or perhaps some kind of rotting thing. I pushed away, and the feeling of his flesh was like that of under-kneaded dough, soft and mushy. He laughed, telling me to go clean myself, for now I was bloody.

I wandered away in a sort of trance-like state, back to the gallery. I didn’t talk to my friends about what had happened. The dream faded, and I awoke.

The rapist seemed familiar, yet not. I do not have sexual dreams often, and when I do, they are not of rape. There was something about the dream that left me a little unsettled. Interesting. I’ll have to see what tonight brings…..

surrounds me brings freshness to the Earth.

Image and text created by Susan Isabella Sheehan
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