Antoine Dagobert & the Little Princess Photograph

I am doing a presentation for postgraduate management students on the topic of worklife balance. I wanted to use the above photograph in the context of childhood and the slow development into adult responsibilities that factor into why resilience and establishment of values are important. When I asked the photographer if I could use it in my presentation he generously allowed me to do so.

I love the red bubble website because it is so positive, especially the feedback, and it allows voyeurs like me who enjoy photography so much visual pleasure. The Little Princess picture conveys so much life and emotion. My instant response was one of peace and happiness. I appreciated what Antonine was able to convey in just one shot . I will keep looking for his pictures as they appear on red bubble.

I will also acknowledge in my presentation the source of Antoine’s picture and those of other photographers who also gave me permission to use their photo. Hopefully, this will lead to more interest, sharing of photographs and some sales for those who contribute.

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