"You Brought 10 Children into this World?!"

Here’s a poem I wrote about my family.


These baby cries and teenage sighs
And rowdy voices in between
Bespeak a fleeting paradise
God gave to Steve and me.

I have been asked how I could bring 10 children into this world.

My answer is this:
Of my adult children,
one is a mother of four and a volunteer worker in her community,
one son is a university professor of music,
another is a father of three and a successful small business owner and leads a worship band,
another son is in his 3rd year at a state university aiming at an engineering degree in aeronautics,
another daughter is majoring in piano and voice also in her 3rd year,
another son just started college to study athletic and sports training.

My husband and I teach our children to make a difference in the world, to work and pull their own weight and someone else’s, too.

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