there are reasons I don't get much time for photography.....

hello world….well the few lovely people that will actually read this journal entry.

I have THE most exciting news!!!!!

I am pregnant with 13 week identical twins…I know babies number five AND six


We are beyond excited (somewhat over the shell shock) we went for “just one more” and have honestly hit the jackpot. My husband, other children and I are just thrilled.

This is why I don’t have (make?) much time for photography.
My time will come and I’m looking forward to it…but at the exact same second as wanting more time for ‘me’ I know that when I get that time it will mean my delightful children will be independent enonough to not need us so much…it’s bittersweet already…

I shall keep you posted about our health as best I can…all is well so far…

Thankyou Susan XoxOo and babes :):)

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