"Native American Women Series Collection"~ 23 Pieces And Growing!

I got this notion after all of the wonderful comments on my latest posting and addition to my Native American Woman’s Series ~ Mariah.
I have never actually viewed all of these ladies together …I have a Calendar of the series but that only allows 12 of the collection.
So while I have acquired many more watcher’s since the beginning of this collection, posted over a year ago…I thought I would just complie all of the pieces and re-share with you.
I was greatly surprised myself just how many I have added in the past year, and I have also added the number of views on these pieces.
Enjoy and thanks in advance for any and all comments!
Many of these original are for sale, or if you wish for me to make a custom Calendar, b-mail me!!

Mariah~ 97 Views

Squash Blossom~ 170 Views

Raven~1889 Views

Wrapped In Tradition~ 1068 Views

Lone Star~ 1917 Views

Phoenix~ 531 Views

Navajo Woman, Long Walk Home~1211 Views

Defiance~ 135 Views

The Southwest Blanket~ 282 Views

Lakota Child~ 85 Views

Old Kate~ 182 Views

Edge Of Womanhood~ 236 Views

The Knowledge Keeper~ 186 Views

Pasque Flower~ 88 Views

Hats For Sale~ 157 Views

Wrapped In Tradition #4~ 108 Views

Wrapped In Tradition #3~ 91 Views

Wrapped In Tradition #2~ 128 Views

The Tribal Healer~ 183 Views

Turquoise~ 286 Views

Dressed To Dance~ 300 Views

The Shaman’s Daughter~ 217 Views

The Flower Girl #2~ 187 Views

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