"Just Killin' Time" 2010 Calendar

With a few days on my hands… art students are on their own for a couple of days…I went browsing through my collection here at RB and came up with another calendar for 2010.
“Just Killin’ Time” Is a collection of abstract Cowboy and Horse captures I took while I was attending a local Team Roping event.
I have had people ask me why I don’t take a picture of the whole Horse or Cowboy and my only answer is that I take pictures of what is most interesting to me…many times it can also make your photography timeless….plus it is just an artist thing to try and capture an interesting subject that engages you…
Hope you enjoy…sorry you missed the 15% of sale that RB had running for awhile, wish they would run it for a while longer…I personally bought 6 calendars during this time as I started chipping away at my Christmas List!

Thanks for viewing!

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