Bare With Me...

To all of my watchers and comment and loyal encourage-persons…

Bare with me as I am postiing photographs and artwork that (with luck) can be entered into challenges…I would like to be more involved in all of the groups that I have joined and those that have invited me to join. Some of these group challenges are a little “out of the box, but that is why they call it a challenge” and a step away from my normal path in my art.

I feel I have to step out of my “comfort zone” every once in awhile and try new things in order to be a better artist. Like one group rule said…“it is easy to get photos of people smiling…we want the ones where the shot is not so easy to get.”

This goes for all kinds of photography and art medium…I am a “push the envelope” kind of person… as you can see from my latest profile picture…I will step into a non-controled area and feed baby cub lions!!! Yikes! It also helped that I owned a African Leopard for 12 years when I had my ranch in Colorado…

I do this for all of my art students too…I have many who come to me for inspiration and guidence and if I don’t experiment I don’t feel I can help them plot a course in their artistic journey.

So I just wanted to let you all know that I am not offended if you don’t leave or make comments on some of the items I will be posting…by all means, if it moves you, I will take all the comments and suggestions I can get!

Thanks for taking the time to give this a read…Wish me Luck!

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