Stephen J. Vattimo

Bridgeport, United States

Stephen J. Vattimo born 1965, in the Philadelphia area of the state of Pennsylvania. / Spent child hood in privet boarding school,due to...


Steward of the Harvest by Stephen  J. Vattimo

Publisher’s Proof of My Book has Arrived

I am glad to share with you that today my first publisher proof of my book entitled Steward of the Harvest.

Myth Vs Truth

I ask him, could have Jesus been an average or even an unattractive man of physical appearance?

Hi I’m a Sinner

But once you step out from the shadows of security of being a member of the unknown population, you now have become a member of the populat…

Christianity, Prosperity or Endurance

What brought this false teach up to me, in a manner of face to face personal way, was during a phone call with my mother who was not a Chri…

Billy Graham Has Left the Building.

What made him stand out to me was that he preached the gospel with out using circus tricks to keep the attention of the crowds

Sensitive,Caring ,Guy

Well , just the other day, to show my girl that I love her,I decided to treat her to beauty Salon Make over.

Dreamer or Visionary

I asked myself this question, When I pass on, what legacy will I leave behind. Will all the art, poetry, and articles I have created be for…
Heal our Land Carved Pumpkin  by Stephen  J. Vattimo Heal Our Land by Stephen  J. Vattimo They Dropped Their Nets And Left Their Boat To Follow Jesus by Stephen  J. Vattimo

Vegan Vagrant

What did the Policemen say to the Vegan Vagrant?

Which King Is Sitting On The Throne

Lets all look in the proverbial Mirror ,and evaluate our relationship with God. / and answer the question,"Who is the King sitting on …

Who Is Your Master ?

t is my understanding that Sunday is the Christian’s Sabbath. It is the day Christ rose from the tomb where He was buried,and appea…

Forced Out of The Comfort Zone

Some times,not all the time,God has sent natural disasters, to cleanse the human race of over whelming sin.

Study The Genuine So You Can Spot The Counterfeit

These thing that have not happened yet,will happen when Christ set up his Earthly government rule,over the Earth.

Half Exposed Bear Trap

If you want to live a prosperous life, when you see a half exposed bear trap in your path,change your course .

Back Yard Picnic

does a brainless thing that ruins you back yard picnic. What do you call them?

A Demon Says," Trick or Treat, I’m Dre…

One of the clear signs that your ghost is really a fallen angel,is what might start out as a friendly encounter, will progress to a disrup…

Tree Conservancy in The City

You know trees are so rare in city,they treat them like endangered species, / is.

A Peacock Spreads It’s Fan Tail Feather to …

So the question the reader should ask them selves is,‘“Am i spreading my beautiful fantail feather for my own glory, or for God…

The Good And The Bad Of The Internet For The Arti…

So I took the print and put it out with the trash on the side walk. Would you believe some one liked it enough to take it. It was only sitt…

They Slipped under the sands of Time And took the…

Since the deaths Andrew Wyeth,Ann Wyeth McCoy, Paul Scarborough,George Weymouth; It seem the whole tapestry has been unraveling( as if some…

Growing In The Desert

The desert road is a solitary journey / the silence of friendly familiar voice is deafening

What You Sow Is What You Will Reap.

Now , he set out to create his own artistic path,instead of riding on the coat tail of his father’s success.

Imagination Distorts Reality Myth and truth about…

I am closing the study with one more very important truth , if a person who has had a demon expelled from their body, and they do not run t…

Foundation Shake Down

Ground is quaking / Man made walls shaken / Earthly foundation is breaking.

The Blessing Moved On

I felt it was gone / The blessing moved on

Rewards For leaving a Present In The Right Place.

While hear this conversation a funny thought came into my head,I wanted to blurt out to the ladies,

Uncovered and Awakened

Beautiful formed creation / Natural and pure at it’s beginning / Uncovered and awakened from sleeping under the blanket of darkness

If A Dead Friend Warned Me Of Hell,I would Repent?

“He answered, ‘Then I beg you, father, send Lazarus to my family, 28 for I have five brothers. Let him warn them, so that they will not als…

An Idea Is Circling Over Head

I was walking in the Valley Forge Park to day,and decide to pull a prank on two very attractive young woman.

Glory Of The Divine

Diversity is found in university, / Flows from the Devine, magnified among every kind
Only One Way by Stephen  J. Vattimo

The Golden Cards Of Life

Life is presuppose like a .gold deck of cards. / You do not control,nor do you know what cards life will deal you.

Who Were The Giants, Mighty Men Of Old, and Men o…

I wrote this article to answer a question many viewer are emailing me about, which is, “what about the Nephilim. In my article entitled,” F…

Secound Civil War for The U.S.

It pain me to say it, but our country is at the edge of another civil war.

False Beliefs About Angels That Are Commonly Held.

.The biblical true is that Angel are a species or separate creation then humans are. / So human can never become Angel.

What Is the Difference between Knowing God and Be…

What Is the Difference between Knowing God and Being Religious?

" What Wrong With Babies?"

Have you ever listen to a sermon in church , and your mind comes up with a joke about some thing the preacher just said,

Teenage Celebrity On Captiva Island

I was treated like a celebrity, I would catch the tram car right In front of my Villa, and it would drop me off at the marina, everyone on …

I Took Part In A Historical Event

Could the incident I was evolved in been A probe of the security of the Presidential Motorcade by a terrorist group,to later plan that atta…

Keep Your Eyes On The Lamp Barer

Don’t walk around aimlessly / Don’t leave your armor on your bed chamber’s floor / Keep your eye and ears focused on Jesu…

Can You Imagine Hillary Clinton Applying for A Jo…

“Madam Secretary Clinton, with you experience we don’t think you are qualified to be the President of Our Hotel Chain.”
Idolized MasK by Stephen  J. Vattimo Terror And Peace by Stephen  J. Vattimo

Voodoo Economics

Hay, did anyone out there hear about Hillary Clinton’s Plan to improve the economy?

Rain or Shine the Boromitor Of Life

My answer is usually I am Hunky Dori,

Virtual Fantasy World And The Impact It Makes On …

“Why can’t be more like your brother, Charmander?”

Two Spirits Watching The Ocean Of Turmoil

Life is like being a passenger on a luxury ocean liner

In The Stands or Behind The Wheel

Cars cued up / Engines raving / Suspense and energy, thick in the air / We are gathered at the race track of life

This News Broadcast Was Sponsored By The Dairy Fa…

Hay any one out there notice some thing peculiar about the female anchors on News shows?

No Cheap Seat Around Here

I wander what a wealthy person would say if they went around complaining about being rich?

Our Church Serves Threes kinds Communion Wafers

The Guest ask his Friend, " Why dose you church have three tabernacles be hind the alter ?"

Angelic Traffic Cops

Here is a little wide known fact about automobile accidents on the Autobahn , They almost always involve a hundred car pile up.

Swabbing The Deck Talk


Flowers,Candy,Stuffed Bear ?

Well I saw a infomercial on television about a Class Action Law Suit against The Vermont Teddy Bear Company

Slide To Death Or Leap To Life

So doubt was creeping into my mine,“What if you slide off the bridge when you stand up to jump?” What if the snow gives away …

Logs And Chips

Well before I attempted to pull the handle on the toilet I took a look into the bowl to see how bad of a HAZMAT Accident I was about to tak…

Windows Of Heaven

Windows of Heaven / They are God’s children, / They are passages for God’s light to Pass through / To bring the warm light of …

Hen House Or Locker Room Talk ?

She is willing to climb in to my carry on gym bag so we can sneak off to the air plane’s Rest Room to join the Mile High Club with o…
Peace And Terror by Stephen  J. Vattimo

Body Acceptance

Well some people handle this problem by joining a support group .
Fuzzy Bear Pumpkin 2015 by Stephen  J. Vattimo Terror And Peace. by Stephen  J. Vattimo Flaming Skull 3D Pumpkin Carve by Stephen  J. Vattimo

Pumpkin Carving Experience Stretch The limits

I am real exhilarated to carve tomorrow night because I finally have found out what tools to purchase and use to execute 3-D pumpkin sculpt…

Pumpkin Walking Service

the second time going through the store entrance pushing a cart with just a pumpkin in it.

Pharmaceutical Society


Pharmaceutical Society

Peter Took His Eye Off Of Jesus And Started To Sink by Stephen  J. Vattimo

The Glory Of A Tree Or A Branch Of A Vine

If all your valued were stripped away, / would be like a tree who leaves were stolen away by the winds of a hurricane?

A Picnic That Ended With A Bang

The White House appointed team of science has discovered the cause,and they have dubbed it the BBBB factor.

We Fat Men Have A New Comeback line

We fat men have a new comeback line we can use that will make a rude person feel bad about them self for making fun of our roundness.

Family Genes

So one guy say to his friend, " I eat a health low fat diet and eat small portions, I still have high cholesterol. It’s runs …
All Mighty Piggy Bank by Stephen  J. Vattimo

Sail by God’s Compass and Map

To give them a lantern to shine a guiding light of optimism when they were lost in the darkness hopelessness

To Be Or Not To Be Politically Correct

.Any one know the politically correct way to tell a owner of a restaurant that the restroom is out of toilet paper ?

Telegram From Heaven

When God Winks At You." She had read in this book that when people are talking to a person about God,it is no coincidence .

Name Thy Self Foul Spirit

I Hear that there is this new theological theory about salvation, it’s call The Maxwell House Salvation theory.
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