Mummy No Longer There

It’s a nice sunny day and there’s a light breeze in the air.
As Kristy runs inside to get her mum the breeze blows through her long red hair.
“Mummy, come push me on the swing! ” she says excitedly.
“Not now sweetie, Mummy’s got a headache, ” is the faint reply from the sickly looking mum.
Showing on Kristy’s face is the look of disappointment that her mum couldn’t come.
All her enthusiasm now faded
She walks off to a spot in the backyard that’s shaded.
She sits on the green grass below a tall plum tree
And cries out, “God, Mummy never has time for me! ”
A tear rolls down her white freckled cheek
And she continues to speak,
“Ever since that visit to the doctor she’s always in bed
‘Cos she has a sore tummy or a sore head.
She doesn’t play with me, like she used to before she got ill.
When will this last till? !
I feel all alone without her around to play with me anymore.
She doesn’t bake cakes, take me to the park or do anything with me now because she’s too sore.
God, please make Mummy better, ” she ends her talk there
And gets up to go inside, where she gets a scare.
She enters the house and lying on the floor in the kitchen is her mum.
There’s a bottle of pills on the floor beside her. She’s taken some.
Kristy sees her and squeals in shock at the sight.
She runs over to her and finds she’s not breathing right.
“Mummy? ! ” she says; hoping with all her heart for a reply, but there is none.
Over to the phone she does run.
Luckily her mum had taught her the number to call incase of an emergency.

Not long after the call, they’re in hospital. Kristy’s mum has been placed in the emergency ward.
The seriousness of her condition was not ignored.
The doctor’s talking to Kristy’s grandma, who showed up not long after she heard about the incident.
The doctor’s telling her how he thinks what’s happened was meant.
“There’s a large amount of morphine in her system, ” says the doctor, “It looks like it could be an intentional overdose.
She came very close…
If she had been left any longer there would’ve been a possibility that she might die.”
“But why? ! …
Why would she do that? ! ” cries Kristy’s grandma in horror; the look of dismay on her face.
Kristy’s sitting in one place
On a chair beside her mum’s bed.
‘It’s not fare! ’ she thinks in her head,
‘You were meant to make her better, God, not worse! ’
She runs out the ward in tears and almost bumps into the nurse.

Later that day, she goes home with her Nan, while her mum stays in hospital to recover.
She cries herself to sleep that night at the thought of not having a mother.

Mummy No Longer There (view 2)

It’s dark and cold in her lonely room.
The curtains are pulled shut and what the weather’s like she can only assume.
Her head’s throbbing painfully as she lies in bed, eyes closed, trying to sleep.
‘I have to do the dishes and the washing, ’ she thinks, knowing she won’t be able to get them done. She begins to weep.
She’s in great pain and feels like her illness is stopping her from living any life at all.
She opens her eyes as she hears her daughter call.
Her young daughter’s standing beside her bed with a smile on her face. She wants her mum to push her on the swing in the yard.
But her head’s throbbing hard,
So she has no choice but to send her daughter off in disappointment.

She needs to vent
All her emotions, the feeling of hopelessness and anger for having the illness inflicted upon her.
What didn’t occur
To her was the fact that God does everything for a good reason
And that she is just going through a hard season
And things would get easier.
She begins crying out to God, “Why me God? ! I’ve got a daughter to look after! I can’t do anything feeling like this! ”
God’s reply is what she does miss.
God replies back to her, “I’ll help you through, my child, ” but she doesn’t hear.
She is too submerged in fear
Of not knowing how she’d live life and do the things she wants to do.
She doesn’t know if she’d get worse too.
Determined to not let her illness win, she pulls off the blankets and gets out of bed.
At that moment it feels like her head
Is being crushed.
She blacks out for a second and looks anything but flushed.
She walks slowly against the wall
So as not to fall.
She begins washing up,
But, as she’s on her last cup,
She starts feeling dizzy and faint.
Still angry after her complaint
To God, she thinks, ‘I can’t live like this! I’m useless this way! ’
She reaches up to the cupboard for some pills and as she does, to the side, she does sway
And almost falls down.
She grabs a cup of water and with a frown
She takes a lot more pills than she should.
She downs as many as she could
Before she finally passes out and falls to the floor.
A few minutes later, her daughter walks through the door and saw
Her mother lying on the kitchen floor.

Mummy No Longer There


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