Warning: Social media just got more addictive

Dear friends! After 4 long months my side project has now come to life. Today I’ve launched the latest social media website www.omiigo.com.au Omiigo integrates in some shape or form other social media in one. Easy registration and login usng your existing facebook account, link your Twitter and flickr and ebb embed YouTube videos. spread the love, it’s free to join.

Ontop of that you can participate in a real community and interact with groups, discussions, forums and events.

Be quick! All mmbers who join before July 31 are automatically in the draw to win a trip for two to a choice of ether Melbourne, sydney or queensland. there ar ALS other giveaways to come. Thx in advance for your support!

Arm regards,
Director of www.omiigo.com.au

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