Sunshine's Features for 5/9 - 5/ 23

A great BIG thank you to all of the host’, moderators, and people who voted for my artwork in challenges! I am honored and delighted!

  • “Moonlight melody” was featured in Enchanting Powerful Photo Manipulation
  • “Moonlight melody” was featured in Image Writing
  • “Moonlight melody” was featured in ! Inspired Art !
  • “Moonlight melody” was featured in Dimensions
  • “Moonlight melody” was featured in Out of the Blue (75%+ Blue Artwork
  • “Who’s Hands..” was featured in His Hands Working – A Christian Mission Group
  • “War and Peace” was featured in Globes, Spheres and Curves
  • “Jesus wept” was featured in Living Christianity
  • “Jesus wept” was featured in ! Inspired Art !
  • “Be ready…” was featured in ! Inspired Art !
  • “Alice in wonderland” was featured in Alice in Wonderland
  • “What’s growing in your garden?” was featured in Childhood
  • “The Temptation…” was featured in For The Love Of Jesus

Most popular in First Things Group
Tower of babel
Pandora’s Box
Fairy Tales and Make Believe
Sea Shell Whispers
Singing in the Rain
Travel through time

Top Ten
Black Rider – First Things
Walking along the stormy beach – Shameful Self Promotion
Inside looking out -All Your best Work

Group Avatar
Who’s Hand’s – Final Destination challenge
Sea Shell Whisper’s in the 70’s challenge

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