More than a bit concerned!!

This morning I received an email from a beautiful lady who is in the USA and often commissions me to do work for her or clients.
She wanted to use some of my artwork that is on Redbubble and that is all great as far as I am concerned.

However…in her email were copies of my artwork, taken from Redbubble, obviously I can only assume – by the right click method – and these images are HUGE and of quality resolution – definitely good enough to print, and I want to know WHY IS IT SO EASY for someone to take my images in top format from Redbubble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IF a friend has done this, with the good intentions of paying me for using them, HOW MANY have done it with lesser intentions! And I will never know.
Redbubble – please explain!
Or else I will be removing all my work from RB!

I also must add, I have the setting on so that a large watermark appears on my images, but there was no watermark on any of the ones she had sampled, even works that I have up on RB that are marked as NFS!
I am very upset about this.

Please check out the forum post

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