Book Publication

With all the encouragement and inspiration received here at redbubble, and from my wonderful friends and family, I have jumped on the publication bandwagon and had a go at the Blurb machine!

Today I am really happy to receive the first copy of my book and see what a fanstastic job Blurb have done. Wow…it looks so good! (dare I say it!) My initial thoughts were to produce this book as a professional portfolio that could be presented at the galleries I approach to represent my work, but having seen the quality of the finished product, and with the strong suggestions of those gallery managers who have now viewed it, I am intending to take it to a real publishing house in the city.

Obviously doing a book this way is very expensive – the shipping alone is a major deterrent! But it fires up the creative juices and the imagination and truly lets you see just what you can do! And then show it to others! I would be honoured if you would check out a preview of my book, but in the meantime, thankyou to all my redbubble family for your wonderful support and friendship over the last year. It means more to me than you know! Hugs and smiles!

Announcing the publication of a new hard cover book of my words and images (please note, bad timing on my part, the Blurb website will be out for maintenance on 18th july, so no previews will be available)

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