For now.....

I wish to apologize…..
I have been absent from RB while taking some time out on a bit of a retreat. I am sorry for all your beautiful work I have missed, and the comments that have gone unanswered, the favourites unthanked. Please know that I appreciate every single one of you for your kindness and consideration and accept this as my sincerest thank you.

I notice one of my works even made “home page” in my absence – wow! that blows me away! – as do all your wonderful congrats on that image “Forgiveness”.

Now I ask for your forgiveness and understanding ….I am going to be taking more time away from RB…. It is something I need to do. I will not be visiting here as often if at all….

So for all of the incredible images that I miss seeing, the beautiful expressions of your own creativity that I am unable to share at this time, I say – keep the creative flow happening – it enriches your own life and the lives of all who view your gifts, and the world is a better place for each and every one of you!

And for the comments and views on my work that you do not receive a personal thank you for, and for your continued support and friendship, I send my love and gratitude, and I hold out my hand and say “namaste”…. I honour you, and will return when time allows, whether sooner or later.

You know who you are….all of you who have touched my heart……and become a part of who I am.
May the light shine upon you all ways…

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