“What you express as Art reveals your Soul”

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We have to stand up for our forests, for our trees, they are the lungs of this Earth….. and the birds are the messengers that carry the songlines…

This book explains it all :

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Message From Mother Earth

“Only when we realize that our love is greater than all our fears, will we know true freedom”

*"If you love something, LET IT BE.

If you hold it in your HEART, it will always be yours.

If you must hold it with your hands, or with white man’s laws, or if you must measure, weigh, count or compare it, then you have forgotten what LOVE is…."*

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I take a lot of photos in my viewing and love of this great planet…… I have decided to keep my photography separate from my artworks, and so some of the images can be viewed at my new redbubble page

Due to my lack of faith in the quality of Tshirts from this site, I have taken down the option to purchase my designs as Tshirts. However if you would like to purchase one anyway, please contact me.

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I'm Still Standing!

Well kind of…. / Each day my ankle gets worse, until now I can’t even put it on the ground and am using the crutches all the time. After six weeks, it has become obvious that even with my stubborn, “She’ll be right mate” attitude, this aint gonna go away by itself. / The long awaited ultrasound today confirmed it. The ankle’s a mess and the ligaments snappe…
Posted almost 9 years – 30 comments

The Good Oil...... hmmm

When faced with the enormity of the tragedy unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico, you cannot begin to fathom why any government would be granting licences for exploratory drilling off our shores here in Australia. Especially not in the very ocean regions that have already been listed as potential marine sanctuaries. / How can they justify this? / Except pure greed and stupidity. / Case in point, one…
Posted almost 9 years – 25 comments

To Bali and Back

I feel as if I have been away forever from redbubble, maybe it really has been that long! Sometimes it feels as if I truly lost touch with so many of you and the beautiful flow of art and writing that i have always enjoyed here. For that I apologize. But when I glance back into the redbubble community, I see your familiar avatars and the ever present and constant flow of amazing photos an…
Posted almost 9 years – 35 comments

Ooh the excitement....!!!

Firstly – I APOLOGIZE for harping on and becoming like a cracked record (well at least here on my keyboard it seems like I am that!) because you must be sick of hearing about my venture into publishing, especially if you have connected with me on facebook (sheepish grin….sorry guys…..) / BUT……. / it is getting way too exciting to keep quiet and you might just be abl…
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