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“A celebration of Manly’s natural beauty!”…

As part of the “Nature of Manly” Exhibition currently being held at the Manly Art Gallery & Museum, Our Manly and Nomad Photography in Partnership with The Manly Environment Centre, Manly Manado and The Manly Art Gallery & Museum is proud to invite Sydney photographers of all levels to submit photographs to the ‘Wild About Manly’ Nature Photography Competition exploring Manly’s biodiversity and natural landscapes.

Online Competition
Wednesday 23rdth July – Sunday 14th September, 2008

Manly Manado Child Survival Program Fund Raiser and Exhibition
Saturday 27th September 6 – 8pm
The Manly Art Gallery & Museum

People’s Choice — Be Part of the Fun!
The top twenty photographs will be chosen by a “Peoples Choice” vote online. A distinguished judging panel

well, hello bubble site!

here it is-my very own site


I’m glad I choose such an easy user name-despite it’s cheese factor.

It is nice to be able to direct people to your ‘own’ site rather than the whole redbubble one.

I hope the community redbubble continues though-I love interacting with people, seeing new stuff. I’ve been showing the students I’ve been teaching what ‘you all’ have been doing. They are impressed!


I recently became ‘turned off’ a character on tv because of the way they vented.…

It’s human to vent. Necessary. Healthy.

We are discouraged to vent from an early age. We stop children from crying. We hate it when they do it in public-it embarrasses us. We want to demonstrate control and identify with social norms. Shhhhhh.

By the time we’re adults, there are few socially acceptable ways to vent. There are few locations it is permissable to vent in. Not when walking down the street, in the shops, in the workplace, waiting for buses. Even our families, when at home, prefer us not to vent, too much, at least.

And yes, that character was on reality tv. Where we expect people to go through extreme emotion. Where they sign up, knowing they’ll be messed with. It’s a merry go round of fun surpriz

check out these awesome photographs!

anti gravity
denis darzacq

and “I throw myself at men”
lilly mcelroy

god, this is so inspiring. I wish I d done it myself-it’s not like the thought hadn’t crossed my mind-but the last time I took a photo in a supermarket was 1994…

(and they were great! I don’t know if my sister would still still two humungous balls of wool up her top and pretend to dance with them, but I have evidence on film that she once did!)

plus, someone who must’ve read my mind as a kid. I was an architect in year 3 and designed houses like this! (of course, much planning, didn’t decide to be one officially in adulthood/do all the study) I went further-the water feature out front came inside and in places there was like glass over the top you could walk on and see them below. Plus a sunken lounge area with a pond feat

Official exhibitions list and artists resume (or: wot exactly have you been doin'?)

Samantha Van Stralendorff…

Group show (group show of thirty artists)
Gallery 26
26 Alfred St Milsons Point
Four exhibitions held between Dec 07 and March 08, selling twelve paintings.

Vision (group show of two artists)
North Sydney Community Centre
220 Miller St North Sydney
Nov 14 2008.
Ten paintings sold.

Visual Feast (group show of two artists)
56 Enmore Rd Newtown
August 2006
Seven paintings sold.

Living Room (group show)
The Art Sanctuary Gallery
3 Williams St Fairlight
Sept 2004

Breathe (group show of three artists)
24 Enmore Rd Newtown
Feb 1998

Medium Rare (large group show)

The Cameras Caress (group show three artists)
Karoona Gallery
36 Gladstone Ave Wollongong
Aug 1995

Thirroul Seaside Art Festival April 1995

Gallery Café (solo exhibitions)
O’Briens Rd Figtree


bad art-yes-it really exists-now you can have a stab at it

tired of being pretencious? can’t spell it to save your life?

well, if you can’t spell, perhaps you can’t do art either.

Prefer sunsets, flower arrangements and kittens? won’t we all after seeing this.

it’s "baaaaaaaaaaaad ":, foxy brown. with a lower case ‘b’.

and here is my personal fav. You think naked children is porn? don’t click-this girl hasn’t even got a FACE!

The importance of happiness

How many people think happiness is over rated? Could you do without happiness or is it something you think is pretty good when you experience it?…

Knowing how good it is when you experience it, how much of your life do you spend, nay, live being truly happy?

Does happiness sound like hard work? How many times a day do you do something you know from experience is not going to benefit you tomorrow, but you do it anyway, because you feel like it now. Can’t be bothered to make the effort.

How happy does that make you?

I’m not bringing this up to accuse anyone. If you point one finger at someone else, three fingers point back straight at you (I wish I’d come up with that myself, but I have to credit Roz Lawler’s talks for that gem of wisdom). I am, in fact, pointing a few fingers at myself righ

wedding happiness

ok! we’re married!

our photos Naomi did an awesome job-I can totally recommend her!

I couldn’t decide what to wear-I wanted to have lots of options. thanks photoshop-living the dream!


today we went shopping.…

we went to get a jacket for marv. It was cold. We came to the gold coast, chasing warm weather. It chased us here. Bummer. But it was sunny and fresh. With the right clothes, it’d still be enjoyable.

We went to the mall. It was full of shops we knew and then some. I was busting for the loo. Basic need meet. We find the shop Marv was looking for and we wandered through. The sales assistant came and helped. I noticed the sales assistant was very pretty.

I did my bit and she did hers. I noticed her short skirt, slinky top and great boots. I picked a jacket. She smiled and agreed with my choice. Marv didn’t look happy. Well, more like, unconvinced. Size change, colour change, style change, slightly. Success.

We continued talking through the changes. She was from Franc

location location

I’m making a list of good locations to make photos at. I walk around a lot, see them all the time…record them now, while it’s fresh!…

-just near kirribill wharf, is a little side bit. In the wet-it’s a waterfall. Gets great afternoon sunlight. Very lush. beachy to if you take in the harbour.

-chinamans beach. we’ve all seen how bill’s/michael’s photos turned out…

-newtown church (see wedding photos w lara)

-botanic gardens-everyone knows that one!

-St mary’s cathedral

-st thomas rest park (ie cemetary) cammeray. remote, headstones, old worldy

-gore hill cemetary. wild and tropical. strangely deserted.

-primrose park (just near my place)

-hunters hill-there a park along a bus route(never been) that has loads of mangroves

-Rhodes /Olympic park: bike ride through mangroves.


-the loc

YAY! Our PM said SORRY! happy day.

I was truly moved this morning.

Our PM said sorry.

I watched the speech, tears rolling down my face-these words have been SO so so longed for and needed to heal our country.

I am finally proud to be Australian. We have, I have helped elect a PM who reflects values that are truly just, kind, humanitarian.

this is one of Australia’s finest moments in history, despite the tragic reasons for the occasion-we have finally stood up. It is such a relief.

Now people can debate as much as they like: I am relieved.

I feel for the Aboriginal community and hope there is much celebration today.

be good at it

This is an article in progress about ‘how to be good at it’.…

‘What do you mean?’ says your brain.

Well, today’s topic is photoshop. (PS)

If you’re going to use a PS feature, be good at it.

Hmmm. ‘Is that a swipe? How do I know?’ Brain asks. ’What is good?"

Good question.

Chances are, if you are new to it, you will use every filter available. Create every extreme possible. Solarize! Invert! Layers! Oh mi god-finally I can stretch out my body and be taller than everyone! Shazam!

Not that anyone will notice. Ahem. Except the friends who know you. And people who’ve used photoshop for awhile.

Now. That is not a swipe. That is just an awareness (though I’ve heard many express this opinion as a swipe): when peoplea re new to PS, they tend to over do it a bit.

Now, having said that, I reckon (and

Is There Anything Good About Men? Media Transcript Full Version by Roy F. Baumeister

American Psychological Association, Invited Address, 2007…

Media Transcript Full Version

Is There Anything Good About Men?

Roy F. Baumeister

Contact: R. Baumeister, Eppes Eminent Professor of Psychology & Head of Social Psychology Area, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL 32306,, phone 850-264-8792. Note, I will be out of the country July 3-31 except for the night of July 17-18.

You’re probably thinking that a talk called “Is there anything good about men” will be a short talk! Recent writings have not had much good to say about men. Titles like “Men Are Not Cost Effective” speak for themselves. Maureen Dowd’s book was called “Are Men Necessary?” and although she never gave an explicit answer, anyone reading the book knows her answer was no. Brizendine’s book “

Family resemblance project

family resemblance project

Is a collaboration between myself, Andy ‘D2X’ Mac, and a few others. We’re inviting other photographers to submit photos to be selected in a book on Family Resemblance".

The aim is to create something beautiful for a coffee table book and also an exhibition as part of Gallery 26.

We are looking for beautiful subjects. People, I mean!

I, of course, am going to make my family and all my relatives part of it (though they don’t know yet!)

Andy has already stated that I’m totally biased and banned me using them, as well as the fact I love ALL small children and think they’re all cute…

Can’t you see the resemblance?! That’s half the fun.

Anyway…if you’re interested-in modeling or submitting photos, let me know-I think it’s going to be a lot of fun and look fantastic.

Australian Artist version of Elle Mcpherson-I have the body! (or 2008 collection>what has sold)

Body of work that is. ;)…

It is with great pleasure I show you the art that is now in a better place, gone, not to meet their maker, but their founder. The person who will shall the rest of their life-their new admirer.

To say it clearly-I have sold some art this year!

Rather than tack it into the last journal entry, I’ve decided to make a 2008 sales list. It’ll help me keep track. (mwah ha ha, because it’s wonderfully popular).

Yes, it’s great to feel that way sometimes. Often, I go, “that’s nice, achievement made” without really appreciating how awesome that feels. You make art, and if someone else likes it, it is wonderful.

I bought an art magazine recently which nominated 50 of the most collectable artists in Australia. I’ve decided I’d like to be on that list.

Of course, I’d like to r

the problem with gay people

Got your attention? The problem is, I haven’t got one, but other people do.…

As I was growing up, my mum said “if you are gay, it doesn’t matter, I love you” so many times I asked her if she wanted me to be gay. (I’m not)

I grew up hearing about the conflict other people had, in other countries, with a mother who would do what she could to help (via Amnesty International).

The old ‘best friend’ story-one of my oldest friend, who’s known me since she was two, finally came out a few years ago. We asked her what took her, cos we all knew: even in the most accepting environments, it’s not easy.

I knew from the first 5minutes of meeting the BF’s mate (on the goldcoast last year) he was fully homophobic. I promptly told him if he went on about it anymore, I’d assume he was gay. Protest, protest.

roster spaces to fill

Hi all

The time has come to talk (and act) on the roster. (see google calendar and best read in the ‘month’ format.)

wednesday has been filled-thanks kristin and lee.

sat 12th has been filled

*I’m having trouble accessing the calendar while I’m on holidays. Apologies for those who have offered and can’t see it on screen.

Steve has been filling a lot of blank spaces, but also needs money coming in to cover gallery expenses.

The roster only goes to jan the 8th at this stage-and suddenly, it is upon us.

Please let me know asap if you can fill any of the spaces available.

Thanks so much,


(aka sunset)

ps there is an image of it here if you can’t view the calendar. Ach, technology. I’m spending a lot of my holiday in front of this computer!)

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