I'm there-the year in recap

I dunno. I had such an exciting year, so many good things to appreciate. Now the weather is sun shiny, warm and I can wear shorts. Or any other thing that is not much. I can sleep half naked. I am on holidays and don’t have the ‘’potential’/ threat’ of being woken up to come in to work and face large groups of unknown hostile teenagers.…

So. Let’s get happy.

I am a pretty happy person, and sometimes I don’t realize it! I’m fairly positive most of the time and can find solutions to most things, which I see as obvious, but hadn’t occurred to others, yet.

I’m satisfied by the variety of means I earn my living from. How many people can say they are a this/slash that slash the other as well? I have a long list of things I do, have done, can do. I love the space I have to be creative…and to be o

A second way to show support to Axel's family-donations

Dear all.…

As we have received much kindness and giving towards the
Moore family, we have enough pledges towards a print to give.

We will list all those who donate to both the print and to the emergency help fund, which will either go in the memorial book, or with the print.

This is a fantastic reflection on you, who have demonstrated the caring nature of this community.

Many people have expressed disappointment in not being able to make their contribution, so I researched and found a way to do so on paypal. (also inc’d in the previous journal entry.)

There are a number of unexpected expenses the family has incurred due to the event, such as the Careflight helicopter coming out, and time off work.

These things put an added pressure on a family at times such as these.

The paypal system is

a way to show support to Axel's family-print and donations

Dear all.…

The gift we would like to create in memory of Axel Moore, and in support of the family of a large canvas print of this photo

taken by Bill Fonseca can now be made.

thank you all for your generosity. It is warmly received.

Redbubble will contact people individually and facilitate through paypal.

update 31.12.07 Paypal donations.

There are a number of unexpected expenses the family has incurred due to the event, such as the Careflight helicopter coming out, and time off work.

These things put an added pressure on a family at times such as these.

I have looked into paypal, and it seems it is easy to do if you have the email address, which is

and sign up to paypal here

All ways of contributing t

roster 8 is now up

hi all

the roster is now a google calendar and best read in the ‘month’ format.

It can be accessed by Sara L, Sarah M and myself.

It is the easiest way we could think of (ie thanks Sara L for setting it up!) Please let me know if you have any questions about it.

It is currently up to date, and there are opportunities to come spend time there, if you wish.

merry Christmas all!

disappointment and learning

Hi all.…

I recently received some redbubble stuff that I ordered for Christmas.

One was a self designed t-shirt >for me, and the other a calendar, > a gift.

The calendar itself, as redbubble product is great. stylish, well packed and well done.

The actually prints were as seen on screen. Unfortunately, as deceived by the back light of the computer screen, they looked brighter there, then when printed. I found myself disappointed.

The t-shirt was disappointing for a couple of reasons.

Again-quality, fine!

When I ordered it, I ordered a print I thought I liked. Since ordering, I did something better.

From previous experience, I thought what was on screen at the time of printing, not ordering, was what you got. So, I changed the image, hoping I would get that instead of what was there when I

roster 3 updated sat 15.12.07

please check out the new roster

it is painstaking to do it this way, in a journal entry.

It may be better to email it to you directly-I just thought it’d be good to see it online, so it could be easily interactive.

welcome feedback (please be constructive and tactful thanks!)

mx article: almost famous now!

weirdest feeling-sitting on the train, on the way to the gallery, with people everywhere opening mx, reading it, being on page 4,

and no one looking up at me_, going…(look up_),hmmm (look down) is that, , (back up) …her?!

fame isn’t that easy to come by!

thank goodness

I contacted mx to get steve in the news…but since I fit into that 18-35 bracket, here I am, doin’ my bit for ze gallery!

sold so far this year (2007)...and now 2008

weeeheeee I can now add, sold from gallery26!…

lucky lady, Talia is the new proud owner! rainbow stripes

merge to Rob ‘the guy’ clements

and also “emerge” ( a variation) to Theresa, Rob’s lady

and now in 2008

summer flow


as well as recent painting (image to come)
from the last exhibition at North Sydney
More sold than I’d ever imagined, so I thought I share what did sell with all and sundry!


(it was a different version, on two canvases, but did I take a photo of it? nope-forgot!…another small yellow landscape also sold which I don’t have a photo of…)

and commissioned paintings sold(for someone on a tight budget!)

all three together

yoga star (also a t-shirt)

and earlier this year, dandelion

the irony is, I always think people like light coloured work, because they’re easy to live

mx photoshoot -the experience

hi all…

just thought I’d let you know how it all went today.

ok , so mx had booked the photographer to come to the gallery at 11am. Robert kindly came to meet me at 10.30 and I, who should be a good example to all our volunteers will just say I hope you’re more punctual than me, cos I was there at 10. 50 after getting the bus down from cremorne and getting the keys (ie note to self allow more time to get to the venue!!

We practiced our interview technique, which was a great warm up for later. Robert is an expert questioner-asking astutely, leaving room for the answer, and questioning from an artistic perspective. We concluded we should do the interview ourselves. And I wished I’d brought my camera to do the photo’s ourselves-because after an hour they still weren’t there.

Luckily, I’d used

roster 8 updated 26.12.07

hi all…

this is the roster as of the above date.

the roster has been converted to a google calendar

click the month view for best results.

If you would like to add or change your dates, please comment below.
I will update the roster, write a comment under yours and renumber the roster.

It is still shown below, for now (but I will remove shortly)

Please note, due to formatting, I can only show the two shifts in order 10-2 and 2-6.

they are separated by a comma, eg (10-2) fred, (2-6) junior

If there are two people for the same shift, I will show it as eg rob/shaun

This is a volunteer basis, so firstly, let me say a big thank you for all those who have offered their time. When you are there, you get to represent a lot of artists, who may one day, due to our collective efforts, may not have to

talking points for mx

how I became involved…

>joined this gallery 26 collective after joining redbubble

>being online for a few months, then going to an exhibition at the tap gallery

met steve, (plus others), who had just curated ‘about a woman’ there

who then came to my exhibition opening @north syd community centre on nov 10

then steve negotiated the gallery 26 space. he invited us on board.

Being the generous spirit he is
he invited us all to join him.

steve could have used the space for himself, so we’re all very grateful and it inpsired many hands of help.

>steve’s motivation:
to free himself and others of the limited gallery opportunities and
the resulting politics of that influences the winners of major art prizes in sydney.

It is also to bring art to the public and to reduce the exorbitant fees char


oh mi god!…


last night was awesome. my ear drums are ringing. I’ve stayed up late to rock out and I think, even after a shower, I still smell like a rock n roll girl!

porcelain are and were always awesome

there is no way to know what you missed, but you can hear it still here

I decided not to bring my camera as I used to photograph them all the time-sometimes you need to enjoy from the other side (which is what my cuz said she enjoyed, as she used to be in the band-just to enjoy and not be ‘on’)

but there were so many hello moments-the lead singer Lauryn
‘Axel’ Roberts has changed since that photo-grown her hair long, it’s LA blonde, and when she does the head bangin’ thing, it looks awesome.

Her voice is still rough and powerful and sweet. The guys are a tight, electric, loud

porcelain plays luna park tonight, dec 8 @11pm

find out more here

there are a band I’ve seen countless times…because they rock! I mean rock, in the best possible way. Rock, croon, perform, entertain, fill the soul.

Email me, I mean bmail if you want to join.

…and this is what they looked like in 2001

If you want to hear what they’re like before you go-sounds a little different now!

apparently, they got a bigger deal than the veronicas?! so catch ‘em before they’re bigger than ben hur.

mx is coming

guess what.

I didn’t get in on time for my last exhibition-so they’re coming for this one.

monday morning.

Keep an eye out-I think they’ll have it in time for TUESDAY edition of mx…a picture of meee eee eeeee eee


I said I’d bring my inner show off.

All in the name of a good cause-publicity for US!

let’s see how this turns out.

catering for opening night-bring something!

dear all

a separate way to contribute is to bring something to nibble on for the night.

go all out and cook, create a snack, go gourmet.

Food will be served upstairs to entice visitors upstairs and …closer to YOUR art?

the more people see what you do, the better…so be as generous as you can!

The idea (to make it simple) is the girls are invited to bring food, the men beverages-soft drink, hard drink, beer, wine.

I’m not opposed to you bring an extra bottle or offering of food, which ever your gender-as long as you find a way!

On the day, we need someone to help organise the food, as I’m not going to be there til 7.30-so if you can have it presented in the best way possible, it makes it easier for all to enjoy themselves!

volunteering in gallery 26

hi all

am doing the volunteer roster for the rest of dec and beginning of january (further if you know)

I have offers from marilyn, and have a few hours myself, but there is plenty of room!

thurs, fri, sat and sun days are all available to fill

It is ok to do this with a friend, I think, if it means you enjoy each other’s company, and perhaps stay longer…:) !

This will be quite a social and rewarding job-there will be loads of visitors over summer and you may even get the thrill of selling an artists prized creation.

Please send me your available asap!

roll call for sydney group

hiya all

didn’t we just have an awesome day. I was going to upload everything to this journal entry…but…I think you can see for yourself in the art section for now! (here)

I’m looking forward to seeing the phone booth photos and some of the group photos…

there are a whole of close ups of everyone out there-we let loose, so I hope you know how to use photoshop!

I’ve had a weird, unfortunate iphoto incident after uploading all the photos. I’ve gone through a couple and exported them to PS and load up-and the rest are GONE.

I will filter through some technical advice…but for once, technology has done me wrong and we are lucky to see what I’ve got (so sorry if yr close up isn’t there!)

Luckily, we all came equipped with some very nice camera’s-upload and show!


art calendars

art calendar

cool, cool, COOL! I can make my own art calendar and look very professional!

Not only have I made some of my own art (mum’s going to love it!) but for friends and family, of their friends and family.

“but I don’t even use a calendar!” they say. Well, now you do!











changeable art exhibition-add your photo's!

Leek has added his to the previous journal entry.
Here are Mayu’s (me by mayuphoto)

The image you can see behind me is ‘Building a Bridge’ (red) and it has sold! Being my best large painting, I am very happy!

Not to mention seeing all the Sydney bubblers

>Marco, Mayuphotos, Miloman and wife, George, Bodymechanic, Leek, Sara, Stranger Street

who said they’d make it-true to your word!

I really appreciate it-

it was a beautiful day, and we all have so many choices of where we can be

-thanks for choosing to visit me !

(thanks leek for the great photos also)

Here are the main paintings which sold (for your interest)

north sydney community centre sat nov 10-on soon! 10am to 4pm

hello sydney group

this is my first email to ‘you’! I am actually doing something, organizing something-and you are welcome to come!

It is an art event, not photography-lots of big paintings, a couple of small ones and even some RB cards!

Hopefully it’s not raining, like last weekend, and I can finally see some RB faces in the flesh. It’s a nice place to visit, lots of music and food as well-come for the atmosphere, if not the people! see you there

cheers, Sunset

The Importance of the In-Arms Phase

The Importance of the In-Arms Phase…

by Jean Liedloff

First appeared in Mothering magazine, Winter 1989

In the two and a half years during which I lived among Stone Age Indians in the South American jungle (not all at once, but on five separate expeditions with a lot of time between them for reflection), I came to see that our human nature is not what we have been brought up to believe it is. Babies of the Yequana tribe, far from needing peace and quiet to go to sleep, snoozed blissfully whenever they were tired, while the men, women, or children carrying them danced, ran, walked, shouted, or paddled canoes. Toddlers played together without fighting or arguing, and they obeyed their elders instantly and willingly.

The notion of punishing a child had

Who's in Control? by Jean Liedloff

Who’s in Control?
The Unhappy Consequences of Being Child-Centered…

It appears that many parents of toddlers, in their anxiety
to be neither negligent nor disrespectful, have gone
overboard in what may seem to be the other direction.

by Jean Liedloff
First appeared in Mothering magazine, Winter 1994

It took some time before the significance of what I was looking at sank into my “civilized” mind. I had spent more than two years living in the jungles of South America with Stone Age Indians. Little boys traveled with us when we enlisted their fathers as guides and crew, and we often stayed for days or weeks in the villages of the Yequana Indians where the children played all day unsupervised by adults or adolescents. It only struck me after the fourth of

redbubble catch up in sydney

hey red bubblers. I was thinking it’d be fun to have a sydney catch up. Take photos, do our own creative venture.

meet say, at the botanic gardens-it’s a bit safe, but there’s plenty of nature and monuments and it could always change, or be somewhere else next time.

the big question: weekday or weekend?

I venture wednesday week, 10am because I have to earn a living later in the day. What say you?


What makes my day is appreciation. It’s not necessarily what happened, but when that sense of euphoria hits, you can guarantee, you feel so happy about it, because you’ve seen loads of good things about it.…

Not that you can’t see bad has happened, or that things can be better.

Here’s an example-
today I still began doing what I do to earn a living at 8am. I got to take home the ‘bosses’ car because I worked til 12.30am, so instead of 3modes of public transport, I drove. So I got to sleep in for an extra hour. Specially good since I’ve been sick.

We made new arrangements, so I met the ‘boss’ in the city to hand back the car at 4.30-5. So I got to go home early.

during my day, I now have a camera (theirs) I can use to take photo’s of the small fry I look after. It’s a new Canon, with a stab

sharing and caring

my neighbour Jim told us the tree next door was being chopped down. So I endeavoured to take some lasting tribute photos to the tree before it was. At his request, he asked if I could take some for him. I did.…

found one I liked, put it on redbubble.

He dropped by to visit. Spent ages showing him the picture, how you can print it as a card, laminated, print etc. He was keen, ‘yes, I’d like one of those, yes’.

Showed a few other versions, then his perception of the first one was altered! He kept asking me to go back to the first one, and saying no, that’s not it. To be honest, I also thought it looked different. But I was sure. I did it myself.

And now my neighbour has ordered another image from redbubble-with my help!

and yes, he knows, he got a deal. I’m not using an old man to pay for m

new NEW cards

heya. thought I’d show off my new cards…

As techno savvy as I am, not up on how to make a link to my album. y’all know how to click.

BTW, does anyone else have a BF who likes to burp uncontrollably? guess I’m well prepared for children. Argh. He’s doing me a favour, I should be (sick) in bed.

new RB feature

heeey! How cool. I may be a bit slow- but there are now two sections being displayed when you enter your public profile-art and clothing. V nice!

AAAnd, I’ve just noticed, you can see in ‘your art’ how many people have viewed your art as well! V V nice!

do a search

hey all. I’ve just been doing some checkin’ out of the bubble’s, eg ‘clouds’. It’s amazing to see just how much talent there is-in nature-and how we record it.…

Note-I’d love to hear some other words to describe photos in action.
Currently there is: still, snap, shoot, catch, take, freeze, capture…lots of action words, lots of stopping time, lots of getting something…I love how there was one photographer (who’s name eludes me) who described it as the “camera’s caress”. Less violent. Any thoughts, feel free to share. (perhaps this’ll go well in a forum)

but back to the review. There are a loads of amazing ‘just as you are’ nature photos. Let’s face it, nature hardly needs improvement! Then, there are few who experiment, and do it well-doing those HDR’s, blending photos and somethat LOOK un

so much better than expected!

hey guys at RB. I got my first card order today. Oh mi goodness! they are of such high quality! I didn’t realise they’d be (matt) photo quality…and wasn’t sure, but pleasantly surprized by all the professional ’stuff on the back!

I just love them, and am going to order heaps, foreva! It’d probably pay to make a Christmas card list early…or send very merry unbirthday cards instead. I like it!

It’s an exhilerating feeling to see these images get some action! Thank youu!

Photoshop for my mum. Lesson Three: subject, consent and comfortable

I mentioned in the goals of natural portraits, you should have good light, good angles and a good subject.…

What is a good subject?

Very SUBJECTive! I suggest begining photographing (and living life by doing) what you love. In my case, it’s people. Esp the little people. I like hanging out, I like their naturalness and they usually like their own image too. Unlike adults, who often don’t like themselves, they always like their children, indiscriminantly. If only we loved ourselves like children! Enuf said.

Little children have a variety of expression. They are pre ‘smile’-trained. Even from around 2, they can begin doing ‘CHEEESSSSE’ and it all goes awry.

The key is, to hang out, let them play and let them be comfortable just snapping away without expectation. Using digital media is ideal-

photoshop for my mum. Lesson Two-framing, cropping and angles in portraits

Framing the photo.…

As said in lesson one, how the image looks in the view finder or display screen in what you get. Once the image is on the computer, you can play. One thing you can do afterwards is FRAME the photo. Also known as cropping.

Of course, best done in camera first, because zooming in afterwards loses pixels, and information which makes the image sharp. But if you’ve already cropped, it’s hard to go back! Being digital, I take a few at varying distances, when able.

How to crop Portraits.

the general advice is;
neck up/shoulders up for close ups on face
waist up
whole body.

Note on hands and feet-chopping off hands and feet can look really strange, even arms midlength. Hands and feet can be extra, distracting detail. Note what they are doing in the image, and use your own judgemen

Photoshop for my mum. Lesson One. Portraits; goals, light, and DOF.

how cool. My mum wants to learn PS. It’s going to have to be mostly distance-so I may as well share the tips!…

One-the goal

Know your goal
Make a plan
Stick to the plan
If the plan doesn’t achieve the goal, make a new plan
Achieve the goal.

Two-the goal

Natural or nurture? Portraits

Let’s pick natural first. Why do we like natural? It’s easy to relate to, we feel close to it, we’re familiar, we feel comfortable. If an image is ‘natural’, we accept it. Anything unnatural stand out. We jump on it.

When using PS, less is usually more. Like film photography-

Aim to get the best results in camera.

That means good light, good subject and good angles. Because;

What you see is what you get.

What you see through the lens is what you end up with.

Exception: the camera’s eye is not as good as our own.



On a lesser high, but equally satisfying- people in the world have claimed areas of a suburb near me to now be totally SMOKE free! Club and pubs are, and a few beaches around me are and I am so happy!…

A great coup for the environment, my lungs and hopefully a few smokers are going to choose to be FORMER smokers…

No apologies to smokers (it’s my journal!)

Had a debate about it with a group of friends that inc’d one out-numbered smoker last night…still debating in my head!

A great effort from councillors to pass that. People are now no longer able to pay to kill themselves slowly, in public…or me.

Let’s face it-I don’t mind if that’s what they choose, as I long as I don’t have to kiss them, or miss them if they die…or pay for their medical bills. It’s legal that people do it-I’m surprised t

happy happy

What a blast!…

I have had such a great month! (Maybe more, maybe less! I can pinpoint it actually, but I digress.)

I got commissioned to take some family portraits of people I really like,
got extra time to do it,
found Redbubble,
made lots of t-shirts,
meet lots of other creatives (online) and
got nice feedback,
bought a t-shirt,
put up more images,
did some paintings that people enjoy working with,
even their CLIENTS comment-cooool!
did two more photo shoots,
do my other thangs from which I earn a living-
ie babysit / play soccer / scream our heads off/get warm in the cold/win and lose old maid/ get told by my ‘bosses’ (the children) how much they loved me teaching them (when I was their tutor) and how they’d like me back, forever / how happy the mum is that I’d spend the time and have f

my user name tags something interesting

I goggled sunset bubble, to see how prominent ‘we’ are….

this comes up:

“The romantic sunset bubble therapy is a combination of champagne or sparkling wine, delicious tapas snacks and a five minute head and shoulder massage from the resort’s Mandara Spa therapists – all to be enjoyed watching sunset over the Amandan Sea. This divine service is available daily. In addition, a conceptual art performance takes place each night at available at 9:00pm.”

I could go there

happiness is a new tshirt

ok, so yes, I got onto red bubble after seeing sungodess by webgrrl in the paper. I loved that design! I had to have it. I looked at all the options.…

Decided to go Australian, even though they don’t do v neck yet, I couldn’t see how the tshirt fit on a girl (come on! I’m visual…I’m going to send a pic of myself in a white tshirt so they can use it!) or that it’s winter and no one will see me wearing this tshirt unless I SHOW them…

I trusted myself. Lemon yellow medium sungodess was ordered.

I have never! ordered clothes online before.

Meanwhile, I had many ideas of my own that needed to applied to a tshirt. Luckily, I have just cut back on my hours of face to face work. Hours behind the computer have ensued. Did I have other jobs waiting to be done? No, sorry, after going squared eyed for

this is it! very exciting

yes, this is the actualisation of these ‘t-shirt’ dreams.

after months of all things artistic being locked in storage, it’s all happening. We now have set up house, purchased toilet paper(simultaneously-it’s so romantic how we think alike) and I have artworks strewn across the globe. er, living room.

This is better than getting fiddly with screen printing-but the gear will not lie dormat, I’m sure.

So here they are, one and all, hope you enjoy-lots of ideas, brought to life, in technicolour.

Keep an eye on this site-this is the first of many. And if you have any ideas, feel free to make a suggestion, or get on board-make your own!

xxxxget those creative juices FLooooWing and fly!

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait