do a search

hey all. I’ve just been doing some checkin’ out of the bubble’s, eg ‘clouds’. It’s amazing to see just how much talent there is-in nature-and how we record it.

Note-I’d love to hear some other words to describe photos in action.
Currently there is: still, snap, shoot, catch, take, freeze, capture…lots of action words, lots of stopping time, lots of getting something…I love how there was one photographer (who’s name eludes me) who described it as the “camera’s caress”. Less violent. Any thoughts, feel free to share. (perhaps this’ll go well in a forum)

but back to the review. There are a loads of amazing ‘just as you are’ nature photos. Let’s face it, nature hardly needs improvement! Then, there are few who experiment, and do it well-doing those HDR’s, blending photos and somethat LOOK unreal, but just capture something unique.

perhaps there’s no point to this musing…I am just impressed with the straight shooters, love seeing something a bit unusal and really love being astounded by people’s creativity! keep it up!

Ah yes, there was a point-do yourself a favour-do a search- it really helps you learn, see where the bar is, and when it comes to nature photography, perhaps inspire you to even greater levels of creative heights!

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