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I’m making a list of good locations to make photos at. I walk around a lot, see them all the time…record them now, while it’s fresh!

-just near kirribill wharf, is a little side bit. In the wet-it’s a waterfall. Gets great afternoon sunlight. Very lush. beachy to if you take in the harbour.

-chinamans beach. we’ve all seen how bill’s/michael’s photos turned out…

-newtown church (see wedding photos w lara)

-botanic gardens-everyone knows that one!

-St mary’s cathedral

-st thomas rest park (ie cemetary) cammeray. remote, headstones, old worldy

-gore hill cemetary. wild and tropical. strangely deserted.

-primrose park (just near my place)

-hunters hill-there a park along a bus route(never been) that has loads of mangroves

-Rhodes /Olympic park: bike ride through mangroves.


-the local golf course

have anything to add? reply below!

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