On a lesser high, but equally satisfying- people in the world have claimed areas of a suburb near me to now be totally SMOKE free! Club and pubs are, and a few beaches around me are and I am so happy!

A great coup for the environment, my lungs and hopefully a few smokers are going to choose to be FORMER smokers…

No apologies to smokers (it’s my journal!)

Had a debate about it with a group of friends that inc’d one out-numbered smoker last night…still debating in my head!

A great effort from councillors to pass that. People are now no longer able to pay to kill themselves slowly, in public…or me.

Let’s face it-I don’t mind if that’s what they choose, as I long as I don’t have to kiss them, or miss them if they die…or pay for their medical bills. It’s legal that people do it-I’m surprised the government hasn’t been sued-but that’s why there are those health warnings.

Hmmm. This is supposed to be happy, happy, joy, joy!

OK, yes, here we are- very grateful; my mum, dad, sisters, auntsx7, uncles x4, the BF, the people I work with x6+, parents of kids I tutor and babysit for DON”T smoke and will therefore increase their chances of long, healthy lives with their kids, and me!

Anyway. As I’ve said before, hating smokers, I believe, creates more of an unseen ‘social’ toxicity. I don’t think is going to help anyone change. I do have people in my life who I love dearly and smoke…didn’t stop me from hiding their cigarettes (when I was 12) but that didn’t make them give up either!

So, to all the smokers-find out the reason you smoke. It’s not to keep you healthy, can’t be to make you look cool, or feel good, and taste really has probably been nullified. That fear of putting on weight can be replaced by an addiction substitute to walking. Change the smoke break you used to have to fresh air breaks.

I would say to myself-(and yes, you can say it in yr head-sounds very much like a new age chant out loud!) I am now breathing new life in to my lungs and my life-literally. It’s like being born again, hehe. A new religious convert to living. You deserve life, and all the good things it can offer- full breathes, clean lungs and healthy arteries have got to sound appealing!!

Plus, with all that extra cash, you can go buy a lotto ticket…or some cards on Redbubble! >How about a nice cloud ‘puff’?!!!!! :]

Go get ‘em!

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