Family resemblance project

family resemblance project

Is a collaboration between myself, Andy ‘D2X’ Mac, and a few others. We’re inviting other photographers to submit photos to be selected in a book on Family Resemblance".

The aim is to create something beautiful for a coffee table book and also an exhibition as part of Gallery 26.

We are looking for beautiful subjects. People, I mean!

I, of course, am going to make my family and all my relatives part of it (though they don’t know yet!)

Andy has already stated that I’m totally biased and banned me using them, as well as the fact I love ALL small children and think they’re all cute…

Can’t you see the resemblance?! That’s half the fun.

Anyway…if you’re interested-in modeling or submitting photos, let me know-I think it’s going to be a lot of fun and look fantastic. I reckon that’s cool.

You’ll get to be in a book! You will be treasured forever ;) Look forward to hearing from you…

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