the problem with gay people

Got your attention? The problem is, I haven’t got one, but other people do.

As I was growing up, my mum said “if you are gay, it doesn’t matter, I love you” so many times I asked her if she wanted me to be gay. (I’m not)

I grew up hearing about the conflict other people had, in other countries, with a mother who would do what she could to help (via Amnesty International).

The old ‘best friend’ story-one of my oldest friend, who’s known me since she was two, finally came out a few years ago. We asked her what took her, cos we all knew: even in the most accepting environments, it’s not easy.

I knew from the first 5minutes of meeting the BF’s mate (on the goldcoast last year) he was fully homophobic. I promptly told him if he went on about it anymore, I’d assume he was gay. Protest, protest. He protests too much.

Then, the BF’s mate was down on the weekend. For the week. And again, proceeded to go on about it. To make jokes. (amongst the swearing, shopping sprees to Armani, and clouds of deodorant. Then hours on xbox). I’d had it up to here.

I told him in no uncertain terms that people I love are gay, friends and family. They may not be here now, but I can’t laugh at jokes like that, because if they were there, I’d be insulting them, and he was insulting me by talking like that about gay people. That here in Sydney, people are tolerant of gay people, and don’t make a big issue about it.

And I won’t let him be around my friends, hearing him talk like that.

Of course, he has no ability to reply here. He promises he’s joking and wouldn’t say those things around anyone else. He knows it’s not appropriate. (not around me either buddy)

I’m doing the parent-child thing telling him off.

But you know what? I just read in the paper a guy and his partner (who I went to school with) have been bashed. His partner needed surgery, and will never look the same. The police said there’s not much they can do. They had to fight to get the CCTV footage, before it’s written over. The thieves took their phones and have called his mum, telling him they’ve killed her son. That is sick.

Did you know something like 90% of bashings are sexuality related?

That figure may not be 100% accurate. All that matters is that it’s happened to two people too many. If the police’s attitude is like that, many more too many.

We as artists have a voice, and t-shirts to raise awareness, to design images and slogans that promote goodness in the world.

I’m saddened that violent images perpetuate. That violence has been cool.

Call me a hippy, but though love is sometimes seems harder. but it’s worth the effort.

It takes effort. but it actually makes our lives better. There is another person to love, rather than hate in our world.

Ironically, (as I say ‘tolerate’) I couldn’t stay at home with a person speaking like that in the house. I do not tolerate that talk. I told him what I’d thought, and out of respect to the BF, didn’t kick him out-it was good timing for me to take a holiday somewhere else. I think that sent the message, despite the fact I didn’t change his opinion (I can’t make him).

I’m not sure what else to say, but if you have a problem with gay people, get over it.

If you can’t quite do that, go play football, hit a punching bag or rev your car that little bit louder. We know you’re macho enough. We’d probably like you anyways, if you weren’t.

Seriously, that behaviour is better than hurting someone we love.

Knowing that, maybe we can laugh about how silly those people were, to once behave like that, and enjoy a better reality. That includes you.

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