I'm there-the year in recap

I dunno. I had such an exciting year, so many good things to appreciate. Now the weather is sun shiny, warm and I can wear shorts. Or any other thing that is not much. I can sleep half naked. I am on holidays and don’t have the ‘’potential’/ threat’ of being woken up to come in to work and face large groups of unknown hostile teenagers.

So. Let’s get happy.

I am a pretty happy person, and sometimes I don’t realize it! I’m fairly positive most of the time and can find solutions to most things, which I see as obvious, but hadn’t occurred to others, yet.

I’m satisfied by the variety of means I earn my living from. How many people can say they are a this/slash that slash the other as well? I have a long list of things I do, have done, can do. I love the space I have to be creative…and to be on my own sometimes.

I really enjoy ‘people’ time, but at this time of year, now I’ve caught up with my friends, and family, I am enjoying doing not much at all.

It feels like a revelation. A secret that I’ve never admitted. Hilarious. I hear other people talk about it all the time!

It changes from moment to moment.

Can I tell you, though, now the BF’s mate is here, and they are out shopping for the third day of continuous shopping, I am so glad I have the house to myself. I have music on, playing what I want to hear, at the volume, wearing what I want to wear, not having to impress anybody. And not hearing, most importantly, swearing, cursing, damning, talk of blowing things up, or the sound of the xbox.

My 36 yo BF has just bought the 360 version, and as wonderful it is to him, and his mates, I am so glad he kindly listened to me, from the edge of reason, to get earphones to go with them. I know I’ll be ok now!

When we have kids, god help me if it’s not accidently broken. Permanently.

Do you think anyone will mind if I go to bed early on New Year’s Eve? Will anyone care if I don’t stay up to watch fireworks.

Anyhow. The year that was. If I’m going to bed early-let’s have some good memories to sleep on. Summarize.

hm. Now I have tutoring set up, I feel pretty confident. There was a shaky moment mid year, where a student I felt should’ve been moved the term earlier was still with me, and his spelling was not improved…(that is a hellish moment for a teacher-you want them to improve…and if they don’t, not for lack of effort!) but the rest were all going great guns and everyone was happy.

I have an awesome ‘wall of fame’ of all the students, photoshopped and glamourized. I’ve seen each student light up, seeing themselves up there. They sit there and wonder if they know them, which school do they go to and when do I have them? Anything to get out of w_erk_. But mostly, it’s fun. I have student’s who get excited about coming to maths. It’s true! (I’m feeling very happy, just thinking about it!)

We play snakes n ladders (who would of thought), memory (with timestables) and pretend we are rich, adding up our fortunes (you are designer/own a horse/ artist) and paying fabulous bills (premiere in Hollywood/ horse trainers etc / paint) and make sure we come out even.

We talk about a-cute angles, obese angles, I mean, obtuse…I don’t know why they teach them baby language of ‘sharp’ and blunt’ angles. Why? Learn the proper names first off.

Parents say they look forward to coming to tutoring, and I get presents. How much do I love my job! Very much, actually. It’s a shame I have to catch a bus, walk, train, bus to get there-it’s not really worth the effort, pay wise, but I love going, so I’ve kept it up. See! See! lots of good things. (feeling better-I use my time wisely!)

And because it’s in the afternoon, I can paint, and draw, and go for walks, and wax and move the furniture around, and feed this RB hunger. At the beginning I bought a screen printing kit, to finally, finally make those t-shirts I’d been meaning to. then RB came along-they are so much better than this hands on business! And believe me, many a happy hour, not even thinking about what I ‘should’ be doing, crossed it. I’m there! In the right place.

Because that my friend, is the secret.

Now, you’ve read this far. Is there more?

Of course there’s more. There’s always more, always better.

How much do you need to know?

recap. Quickly.

the BF and I (he who does not like to be named) took four months of looking, pondering, deliberating, but we found a place. We moved in. We’re satisfied.

Yes, we argued, and still argued. Loudly. Nigglingly. We’ve learnt, we’re learning, and are good. I want more cleaning. I want more…?

We have plenty of nights out. Plenty of nights in. We grow closer in our own company. We have friends over. No one has quite grasped talking louder, even me, and sometimes even I don’t realise how much M is missing, until he asks me to repeat myself frequently. But then he changes the batteries (to his hearing aid) and it seems to help. Funny how it’s only sometimes he misses things…there still is selective hearing.

erm, oh yeah, and I got him to ask me to marry him. He graciously asked me on my birthday. Cloud nine all day and then some. I’m still pretty happy about it. Happier each day. Love him more, as much and more each day.

He helps me with delivering art. For TWO exhibitions. I feel really professional now. I sold ten from the first show, and now three at Gallery 26. I did a paid photo shoot for a family-when I have done it for free too many times! I’ve sold t-shirts and cards. and have loads of beautiful photos and paintings in my collection. I feel like a real artist now.

I’ve been featured on RB front page a few times, in the Mosman Daily and MX (oh funny, the girl at the bank, who I always talk to, got all mushy about how she’d seen me in it, and didn’t realise I was an artist! celebrity!) I have a website (finally!) thanks to webgrrl!

Next on the list-the MCA.

I just went in today-inspired, I’m back at home, painting away, and making it real. Cool. Cool bananas.

At the end of the day, I’ve made lots of new friends which really has been very cool, getting out of my little bubble and into the red one. Thanks everyone who’s commented on my art, photos and t-shirts. I really like youse a lot. Hope you have a very merry new years as well. Appreciate what you’ve got.

Keep on keepin it on! lotsa love, sunset.

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