a way to show support to Axel's family-print and donations

Dear all.

The gift we would like to create in memory of Axel Moore, and in support of the family of a large canvas print of this photo

taken by Bill Fonseca can now be made.

thank you all for your generosity. It is warmly received.

Redbubble will contact people individually and facilitate through paypal.

update 31.12.07 Paypal donations.

There are a number of unexpected expenses the family has incurred due to the event, such as the Careflight helicopter coming out, and time off work.

These things put an added pressure on a family at times such as these.

I have looked into paypal, and it seems it is easy to do if you have the email address, which is


and sign up to paypal here

All ways of contributing to the family are greatly appreciated, and really make a difference to their lives. It is a really positive way to help someone when you’re not sure ’what you can do"-here another way.

Thank you all for your generosity.

Nothing will bring Axel back, however, the memory of the community support is the glue that binds us to this earth and each other.

The ceremony today was an inspiration to the human spirit. It was touching, it was real and the love people offer just by their presence, I’m sure will help console the family in the smallest of ways in this huge time of change.

I know so many people would like to do something ‘real’ to help. If this is you, please feel free to contribute in this way now.

kind regards to all.


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