disappointment and learning

Hi all.

I recently received some redbubble stuff that I ordered for Christmas.

One was a self designed t-shirt >for me, and the other a calendar, > a gift.

The calendar itself, as redbubble product is great. stylish, well packed and well done.

The actually prints were as seen on screen. Unfortunately, as deceived by the back light of the computer screen, they looked brighter there, then when printed. I found myself disappointed.

The t-shirt was disappointing for a couple of reasons.

Again-quality, fine!

When I ordered it, I ordered a print I thought I liked. Since ordering, I did something better.

From previous experience, I thought what was on screen at the time of printing, not ordering, was what you got. So, I changed the image, hoping I would get that instead of what was there when I ordered.

(are you with me?)

Alas, I learnt-it is what is on screen at the time of ordering that gets printed.

Again-this is probably a good thing of redbubbles-what if an artist deletes, or changes an order unbenounced ( that is a word, I swear!) to the purchaser?

( I could’ve tried contacting RB..I thought they’d be way too busy w chrissy)

upon trying on this alternate image-I also noted the design must be catered for women-mine is strategically in the wrong place ie more in the middle of the t rather than up high. (I’m so embarassed, I can’t wear it). Very unflattering.

So I learnt a few things

-make sure what you order is exactly as you like it. (duh)
-artists, make things a little brighter to keep the colour nice
-t-shirt designers-ensure your image is a little higher than you think…perhaps even measure on yourself to get the centre of the design ‘above the nipple line’!

on that note, I was very nervous to deliver an order of 4 t-shirts. (they didn’t trust the internet!) please god, like them, let them be awesome!

…and they are! the parents are very happy their boys will be dressed in t-shirts for their life to come (small in mens is HUGE!)

and I am very very relieved.

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