sold so far this year (2007)...and now 2008

weeeheeee I can now add, sold from gallery26!

lucky lady, Talia is the new proud owner! rainbow stripes

merge to Rob ‘the guy’ clements

and also “emerge” ( a variation) to Theresa, Rob’s lady

and now in 2008

summer flow


as well as recent painting (image to come)
from the last exhibition at North Sydney
More sold than I’d ever imagined, so I thought I share what did sell with all and sundry!


(it was a different version, on two canvases, but did I take a photo of it? nope-forgot!…another small yellow landscape also sold which I don’t have a photo of…)

and commissioned paintings sold(for someone on a tight budget!)

all three together

yoga star (also a t-shirt)

and earlier this year, dandelion

the irony is, I always think people like light coloured work, because they’re easy to live with-but I love the bright stuff…and everyone who’s bought my art also seems to!

update, update! from north sydney-3more to add!

the red

the blue

and the brown, which is the same as the blue.

There you go! 10 from the north sydney show. How wonderful. It really made my day! ( I heard yesterday!) Life gets better everyday!

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