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oh mi god!


last night was awesome. my ear drums are ringing. I’ve stayed up late to rock out and I think, even after a shower, I still smell like a rock n roll girl!

porcelain are and were always awesome

there is no way to know what you missed, but you can hear it still here

I decided not to bring my camera as I used to photograph them all the time-sometimes you need to enjoy from the other side (which is what my cuz said she enjoyed, as she used to be in the band-just to enjoy and not be ‘on’)

but there were so many hello moments-the lead singer Lauryn
‘Axel’ Roberts has changed since that photo-grown her hair long, it’s LA blonde, and when she does the head bangin’ thing, it looks awesome.

Her voice is still rough and powerful and sweet. The guys are a tight, electric, loud, radio ready musicians and the electric violin is still a feature, with their new violinist lookin divine while revealing there is definitely a place for violin in rock n roll.

the sonar bar is only two weeks old-but I bet being right under the harbour bridge will attract loads of artists.

hopefully we’ll see porcelain again in australia-but it may be at the horden or somewhere big or just on massive billboards and delta goodrem level of airplay-get ready of porcelain overload soon!

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