catering for opening night-bring something!

dear all

a separate way to contribute is to bring something to nibble on for the night.

go all out and cook, create a snack, go gourmet.

Food will be served upstairs to entice visitors upstairs and …closer to YOUR art?

the more people see what you do, the better…so be as generous as you can!

The idea (to make it simple) is the girls are invited to bring food, the men beverages-soft drink, hard drink, beer, wine.

I’m not opposed to you bring an extra bottle or offering of food, which ever your gender-as long as you find a way!

On the day, we need someone to help organise the food, as I’m not going to be there til 7.30-so if you can have it presented in the best way possible, it makes it easier for all to enjoy themselves!

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