I recently became ‘turned off’ a character on tv because of the way they vented.

It’s human to vent. Necessary. Healthy.

We are discouraged to vent from an early age. We stop children from crying. We hate it when they do it in public-it embarrasses us. We want to demonstrate control and identify with social norms. Shhhhhh.

By the time we’re adults, there are few socially acceptable ways to vent. There are few locations it is permissable to vent in. Not when walking down the street, in the shops, in the workplace, waiting for buses. Even our families, when at home, prefer us not to vent, too much, at least.

And yes, that character was on reality tv. Where we expect people to go through extreme emotion. Where they sign up, knowing they’ll be messed with. It’s a merry go round of fun surprizes and shocks. It makes good tv. They create situations to put the squeeze on. They want reactions so we the voyeurs can vicariously vent ourselves.

ohh. Shock realization. By seeing people be themselves, we are ourselves set free. So why do we judge the ones who get angry?

There are so many ways to use our energy. Perhaps we can realize what Titans we are when we tap into rage. However, instinctively, we know, that rage and anger is unsafe to be around. It is a negative energy. You don’t have to be new age sensitive to recognize that. It’s a common knowledge to all humans. And animals. Anger is a full force. Not the best one.

Do we see 100% energy in a smile? I reckon the epitomy (spell check-it’s officially epitome! remember that, everyone) of full force happiness is in laughter.

I recently rang my mum while she was os. She told me later my aunt (I was on speaker) said I had the most lovely, natural, tinkly laugh. I carried on conversation, yeah, yeah, I know, everyone knows me as bubbly. Yeah, yeah, so why do I get turned off an angry character on tv? Because I too have the need to vent.

She is young, this girl. She’s still learning, as everyone is. And I know, the energy has got to come out somewhere, somehow. Anger is one way. I love the saying “anger burns the vessel that holds it”. Much nicer is it to laugh. Laugh til I cry.

So, if you need to vent, may I suggest comedy. You can laugh at the funniest things.

I was talking to a printer the other day. The water colour paper comes from os, sealed and on a roll. Not til the image is printed, do you occasionally see a fly imbedded in the paper. Of course, we expressed our dismay at that kind of finding. The cost. How to avoid. The absurdity made me laugh, more and more. He was rather serious, and I got the impression he thought I was nuts, but eventually, he caught on, and we had a good laugh.

you can laugh at anything.

come on people. do it! LAUGH!!!!!!!!

at anything

flies are everywhere and we can still laugh!

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