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sharing and caring

my neighbour Jim told us the tree next door was being chopped down. So I endeavoured to take some lasting tribute photos to the tree before it was. At his request, he asked if I could take some for him. I did.

found one I liked, put it on redbubble.

He dropped by to visit. Spent ages showing him the picture, how you can print it as a card, laminated, print etc. He was keen, ‘yes, I’d like one of those, yes’.

Showed a few other versions, then his perception of the first one was altered! He kept asking me to go back to the first one, and saying no, that’s not it. To be honest, I also thought it looked different. But I was sure. I did it myself.

And now my neighbour has ordered another image from redbubble-with my help!

and yes, he knows, he got a deal. I’m not using an old man to pay for my next meal.

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