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Rather take photos and do most other things. I travel Australia for work and get more opportunities than most Sydney siders to see...


Quickly extract convienient JPEGS from RAW

Even if you only shoot RAW there maybe times you want JPEG versions of these files. Of course you can always use your RAW converter to do this. But there is an even faster way.

Because most RAW files embed a JPEG preview these previews are often all you need. Michael Tapes from RawWorkflow.com just made a free tool called “Instant JPEG from RAW” available that extracts the embedded JPEGs.

watch the video

Arts Freedom Australia, Photographers fight back now!

Life is getting tough for Australian photographers in that our freedom to take pictures is being curtailed or charged for. So much so that our top photographers are banding together to fight for our freedoms and raise awareness. If you face book add them, if you care, join them. website
I’ll give you a for instance just today. Mate going to take some photos contacted Centennial Park management with this note. Just read the bloody response!
Photographer "I was wondering if there are any restrictions and/or charges for non-commercial photography within Centennial Park?
Photography is a hobby of mine and I often work with models wishing to build their portfolio – no payment is made by either party and the photos are not sold.
Equipment would be limited to a camera and small light stands for f…

Sunseeker finally back in action

After a looong wait for parts I picked up the repaired 5D. Attached the 16-35 in the lobby and that didn’t work so that went in for a new circuit board. Who knew lenses had circuit boards? I thought they had little people in there with winches and light-meters. In the meantime I had been working out my frustration selling and buying (blush) on eBay.
My new kit in the Canon 16-35L working, a EF 24-85 zoom ($170) and a sweet little Nikon 100mm prime ($120) and sharp as a tack. ( I use in manually with an adaptor ring)
Malcolm (Katon) my partner in crime on here took me off to scout the Sydney Tram sheds at Glebe ( Location guide here, by Rachael Muller http://knol.google.com/k/rachael-muller/a-photo...# )
A rainy Sunday afternoon and the place had the …

Camera's coming home, and new lenses,direction

After drowning my Canon 5D and waiting 8 weeks I pick up my repair next week.
Having had that time to think, to visit photography exhibitions, enter more contests and review my past work I have decided to attempt a change in focus. I will still take landscapes and seascapes but I intend to be more experimental, include more people and try and tell more stories with my work. Inspiration includes all the entries in the Moran Contemporary photography prize.See a gallery of entrants and finalists
To that end I have picked up some Nikon glass to use on my Canik 5D! A 28-80 F3.3-4.5
and a F2.8 100mm prime ( Manual focus, manual exposure with my DSLR )…

From Redbubbler Von Mcknelly this quote…
“A good photograph is one that communicates a fact, touches

How Aussie Photographer got Gaza Boat Photos out!!!!

Kate Geraghty a Sydney Morning Herald photographer was on the Gaza boats as they were boarded. Her mission was to take photos and get them out to the world.
How good is she? Her story……

AS THE assault began I started shooting, rotating my six memory cards regularly to reduce the risk of losing them.

What we were seeing was unbelievable and I wanted to make sure the images survived so the story could be told.

I took hundreds of photos.

I was praying to God I’d get something.

Four assault boats full of soldiers were chasing us and I knew they would board. I knew I just had to shoot as much as I could.

With satellite communication jammed there was no way to transmit the images so I used gaffer tape to hide the micro SD cards on my body and in my clothes.

Most of the Israeli boats sped away but

Not a photographer for a while

I’ve had a bad news month. My 5D took a dip and at $1400 I won’t be getting it repaired ( 1800 second hand on Ebay ) My L lens lives and I will save for a 5D MKII body in the spring. That and my gmail getting hacked and my credit details stolen online ( thanks Bendigo Bank for spotting it within hours )
I’ll try an look in and comment whenever I can guys.

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