Sunism ® Philosophy

Sunism ®, a spiritual belief founded in Australia that has a simple message. People united with love, worshipping the sun as the centre and higher power of our solar system.

“May the sun shine on you, today"

Sunism is a belief system that makes sense of the world, a simple belief that all life comes from the energy of the sun. The sun can be all-powerful and blinding or gentle and caressing. It can cause droughts or storms, it is our focus of reverie. It generates its energy by nuclear fusion of hydrogen nuclei into helium.

Light when blocked by objects casts a shadow Our dark unconscious is like that shadow. The Black Sun is that symbol from Egyptian scriptures, the “hidden one” or Amen. We need to acknowledge and work on this dark force constructively and creatively through therapy and medication to diminish its power over us.

The sun, moon and star make the trinity. We are made of star dust. The sun or sunne (Old English fem. before 16th Century AD, pronounced sun) has both masculine and feminine qualities.

We believe that people are born innocent and should be nurtured by the community rather than just the family unit.

To be a sunist you need to believe in:

The Three Wise Truths:

1. The belief that God is the Sun and we are made of stardust
2. We are nature and its guardian
3. Life is learning, working, fun and happiness.

Ten Guiding Principles

1. Believe in the Sun, as being the one uniting God, joining us all together.
2. Respect nature.
3. Be sincere and honest.
4. Life is not suffering .
5. Be kind to yourself, then to others (no killing unless in defence, no rape, no stealing).
6. Follow your higher dreams and achieve wealth ethically.
7. Appreciate the finer things in life, for example the Arts.
8. Realise the sunny-side of life.
9. Enjoy your sexuality safely and touch each other respectfully.
10. Express your dark side constructively.

After visiting many of Jesus’ sacred sites in 1987 I went to Egypt. At Aswan Dam under Ramesis II’s statues I had the calling from Triology, the third denomination of Sunism.

I have studied many world religions at University level eg Aboriginal, Egyptian, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Jewish, Christianity, Islam, Hare Krishna and have taken what I relate to and blended it with science to come up with Sunism.

Historically the monotheistic belief in the sun began with Pharaoh Akhenaten from Ancient Egypt. He and his wife were the first people recorded to believe in one abstract God, the sun or Aten represented this deity. He also showed respect to women; Nefertiti, his wife, was represented as an equal and he demonstrated love to his daughters.. He saw his girls as being worthy unlike Arab countries before Muhammad, that buried baby girls alive and such places like China that prefer males to females. It is very sad that King Tut (Tutankhamun), Akhenaten’s heir changed his name from Tutankhaten, which meant “Living Image of Aten” and in so doing renounced the sun god. Well it is time to resurrect Akhenaten and Nefertiti’s dream of worship to the sun. To unearth their gold and what a place to do it, in Australia where the largest gold nugget in the world was found. It is the oldest continent with the longest living civilisation, the Aboriginal people. We of the 21st century, the time is right to blend the newest European culture, Australians and a religious history that goes back to the Pharaohs.

Sunism has been influenced by the Australian Aboriginal religion. The sun as animistic, a soul that started the creation myth. The Land, The Dreaming and the interconnectedness of all things has been embraced by Sunism. Imagine Adam and Eve never falling from grace, remaining in the garden, unembarrassed by their nakedness. Not worried by their mortality for they believe without doubt in their God, the Sun. I have blended Aboriginal totemism, Hinduism and science to come up with my own belief in reincarnation. We have the same carbon atoms as the stars and dinosaurs that roamed the earth many years ago.

I study and copy from my cats in this life. When I die, I believe my atoms and consciousness will come back as a well loved and pampered cat, a Zen Master. I will rest for 12 years from this life’s turmoil and harsh beginnings. I’ll turn away from the erasing light on my dying moment and focus the light on the visualisation of my feline body. After my cat-years are over, I’ll be able to return to earth in a higher human form and consciousness. Others will have their totems, which they are strongly drawn to on earth and will become that in death. They will guard their habitat for their afterlife.

Where Buddha sees life as suffering and Jesus suffered for us, Sunism is different; it is about happiness, here on earth under the sun. Like some early Gnostic Christians, who were fed to the lions, the best way to feel God is through sexual orgasm.

This new religion embraces science. It is not opposing the scientific truths discovered by modern scientists. Its belief acknowledges contemporary investigation of the sun and solar system and past theories such as Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. This religion will live, not for eternity but for the life of the sun which is middle aged!

The miracle for this religion is when people can fly. I fly in my dreams haven’t you!

Denominations of Sunism

0. Sunism ® – Pure
1. Oneism
2. Geminists
3. Triology (coined & patented 1988 )
4. Quadrillites
5. Pentagons
6. Hexagrams
7. Septagons
8. Octagons
9. Nonagons

What is your lucky number between 0-9? You will be grouped together in your denomination.

I am a Triologist (third denomination) and hold the number 3 sacred.
For Triologists three (3) is the magic number and satisfies our superstitious nature. For example:
1. The Holy Trinity (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit)
2. The Egyptian Triads
3. Man, woman & child
If you were given 3 wishes what would they be?

Three is special to me. It is special to others as well, for example; The 3 wise men bringing 3 gifts to Jesus ; The Egyptian Triads (Amun-Mut-Chons triad of Thebes where the chief god was Amun and the Ptah-Sekhmet-Nefertem triad of Memphis); imagine the three prophets Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad united under the sun; the Renaissance compositional devise of the triangle; the Golden Mean; the triptych often used as a iconic frame; the strongest architectural building shape, the triangle; The Pyramids, the only Ancient Wonder of the World to still exist. I often take photographs with the Law of Thirds in mind.

If you would like to join or find out more contact Catherine Lilly Wheel on ph 02 4023 4663 or 0429 300 309

Sunism will need a charismatic leader to broadcast the religion to the people. It could be you? It will also need heads of each denomination. To form Sunism Society at University of Newcastle we need a Business student to be treasurer, a marketing student for sales, possible a charismatic leading President possibly from Drama and a secretary perhaps from Legal studies.

May we be wealthy to give and receive.

Catherine Lilly Wheel © 2008
Updated 2010.

Sunism ® Philosophy


NEWCASTLE, Australia

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Artist's Description

Sunism ®, the spiritual belief.
Founded in Newcastle by Catherine Lilly Wheel.
Sunism will need people to organise each denomination from 0 to 9. If you have a strong feeling toward a number let me know..

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