Sorting Images, Deleting them...and an Arts and Crafts Fair

Well….First off..My portfolio is getting quite extensive..and it is about that time again…Time to sort by the amount of views….and then delete those that do not have any favoritings..or many views etc….so..if you notice that my work is being shifted quite a bunch..I will be rearranging it for the next couple of days…..and then removing some.

Well when I have time.. I have a local Christmas Arts & Crafts fair coming up this weekend and I have reneted a booth for my art etc…so…wish me luck.. If I am not on very much this week that is why..I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to prepare for the show this weekend. So please forgive me if I am not near the computer later this week….and this weekend. I will get back to the world of Redbubble as soon as I possibly can.

Thanks Suni

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