What I Can Do To Repay Others

Ok….in order to explain my reasoning…I have to give you a little bit of background info….sorry for all those of you who use metric measurements etc…I am not so good at those…I am used to inches…etc… please bear with me and please dont give up reading this journal entry..I fear that it will be long..but I actually have a point with all my ramblings this time..

Well….it is getting close to The holidays and Christmas time…and along with that also comes my daughters’ birthdays.. The twins will be three this year…but it was not so very long ago that I was very worried about them…I had a hard time carrying them ..and seeing as I am five feet tall flat…I had no where left to carry two babies past a certain point….so needless to say the pregnancy was complicated. I kept trying to go into labor and it generally wasnt healthy for the babies nor myself..nor was it fun in the least ( I had contractions for approximately two weeks straight and they kept stopping my labor…but it didnt work) … And sure enough I delivered them when they were 31 1/2 weeks gestation…which is 8 1/2 weeks early… so both girls obviously had to stay in the neonatal unit until they were stable and ready to come home… Thankfully both girls were big for their age (4 lbs 1oz and the other 4 lbs 4 ozs) and they were healthy..so they were not in critical condition. They were not dependant upon respirators, although they did need a nose tube for extra oxygen in the beginning, as well as they were in incubators for the first week they were here…and they looked so little and frail with all the wires and iv’s…And the hospital co-bedded my girls since they were identical twins..they thought that this would help the girls grow and thrive more quickly…

Well it did..and sure enough…one twin was released after 9 days and the other was released after 11 days… and finally we were ready to come home…

My point to this..is that during the whole time when the girls were in the hospital…I stayed at a Ronald Mc Donald House…..which is a place for families of children and loved ones in the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. The Ronald Mc Donald House gave me and my family not only a place to stay near the hospital, food, and other necessities…but they also have Thanksgiving dinners, give Christmas presents to those guests who are at the house throughout the holidays, and they had a carriage ride for the children to enjoy……

Basically it is a foundation that tries to make a what is a very stressful, terrifying, vulnerable and emotional time into a very memorable one, where you feel comfortable and loved and that you are not alone during some very difficult times. The volunteers are dedicated to help each family as much as they can. The Ronald Mc Donald houses are charity based and provide a huge service to each and every child and family that they help…

And….To try to repay the help that they gave to me and my family…This year for every card or any other work that is sold until Christmas.. I will donate all the proceeds to the Ronald McDonald house..so that they can further help children and families in need..

If you would like to read about this charity… try here

I hope that linked worked…

Sorry this was so long!!

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