My email to polyvore/ I'm so proud of us redbubblers!!!

I sent the following bubblemail to polyvore only a few minutes ago..and I thought that some of you might like to read it as well…I may have expressed a little too much in this email…but I had to stand up for what I believe in……

To Whom It May Concern
You stated in a recent comment that most of your members are young and that you appreciated those who were not rude in their emails to you…. Well…I was not one of those who sent you an outrageously profane message..although I must admit my first one was not very polite either….However, I do not feel like I should have to apologize for standing up for what I believe in…but I will anyway..and I will explain why……I apologize if I may have seemed rude in a previous email…but it is a very serious situation when you are an artist…..and you live your life through your work, whether that be by a camera lens, photograph, pencil, paint, canvas, digital art etc..and you see that someone somewhere has stolen what you what you worked so hard to make …..what you have put your pride, soul and joy into, what reflects your emotions, what makes you who you are……..For many artists like myself and the many other talented members of Redbubble….our art is one of the things that we are most proud of in our lives…it is what makes each one of us who we are. To use it without permission is not only is like a stealing a part of our heart and soul….a deep and utter betrayal…led alone changing it and editing it without permission is an insult to each of us individually. Getting our name out there and getting the proper exposure and credit for the art that we produce is part of the gratification that we get when we produce a piece of art….so of course we are going to get more than a little upset when our hard work is used without our permission…..Some of us earn our living by the art we produce therefore when it gets stolen or ‘accidentally’ used without permission…it affects our general welfare on the whole…..not just our emotions and pride… pardon me if I was offended by this ordeal and by the fact that someone took and used a piece of my heart and soul.
Thank you for your time,

Suni Pruett

I know that I may have went over the top with this email that I sent…but I am severely upset about this whole ordeal….and I wanted the people of polyvore to truly try to grasp how it felt to see images that we treasured on display etc…..

On the plus side…I am so very proud to be a member of the redbubble community…there is such a tremendous power in numbers and it amazes me that even though some of us are halfway across the world from each other…we stood as one for what we believed in!!! Way to go REDBUBBLERS!! Now we just need to make sure we take the next steps together to further protect our images!

Thanks for reading the ultra long journal… I had to get it off of my chest…


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