Ugh....this sucks

Ok guys…somehow or another…my kids have broken the lens and the camera as a whole on my digital camera..I have been pretty much in mourning for the last two days over my Fuji finepix….So I am trying to figure out whether it can be fixed..or if I will need a new one..or if I will need to send it off…I should know more in the next day or two….So…until I can get it fixed…I will only be uploading previously taken pictures or pictures form my film slr….
If anyone has an old/extra digital that they would like to get rid of..I> may unfortunately be in the market for one soon……
This is so upsetting for me because I never let my kids near my cameras…and the one time they have it……they drop it somehow….I guess its just being upset for the time being..but I just dont know what to do now….

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